Neighborhood Feature: Steele Ridge

June 9, 2015

Where you choose to settle – truly settle – is a decision that has to be made with as much information at your disposal as possible. Yes, you can rent homes and apartments and stay in one spot for one a few months or years at a time when you’re on your own, but once you have a family, that kind of nomadic lifestyle just won’t cut it! First of all, you just have too much stuff to move around often, but more importantly, stability and community are essential elements in any family’s – and any child’s – life, and choosing to remain in one home for a great period of time provides that. The problem is always deciding what home that will be. Fortunately, Steele Ridge has everything you need.

What to Expect in Steel Ridge

Steele Ridge is a modern, well-designed neighborhood with a wide variety of state-of-the-art features and amenities, all of which you can expect from your new home in the neighborhood. For example, while many homes in Lancaster county achieve that rustic rural feel through high-maintenance homes that you will find yourself sinking quite a bit of money into, Steele Ridge homes possess low-maintenance exteriors with house wraps for air and moisture, aluminum gutters and downspouts that will last for ages, and a concrete front porch and walkway that can withstand countless seasons of wear and tear (with a temperate climate that is, as ever, hard on roads, driveways, and porches, this is important!).

Your New Home in Steel Ridge

Your Steele Ridge home counts among its various amenities digital heating and cooling systems, beautiful marble, wood, steel, and laminate blended together to create an impressive kitchen and bathroom spaces, and more. While the interior is considerably attractive, you also have to consider the world beyond your home – and at Steele Ridge, that world is promising. Specifically, if you are a parent, you want to be certain that you are moving into a school district that will afford your children all the opportunities they deserve. Solanco is that school district.

One element of schooling that is critical to a child’s development, and which is increasingly being cut from today’s schools, is extracurricular activities and organizations. The district boasts several sports leagues ranging from basketball to track and field, soccer, wrestling, golf, field hockey, and more. Your child will have plenty of direction and opportunities to further themselves at Solanco – and that alone is reason enough to consider Steele Ridge as their new home.