The Benefits of Phantom Screens

July 23, 2015

Having a porch can be a wonderful thing, but it can present a problem – how are you to enjoy that porch when the weather is being uncooperative? After all, a porch isn’t just the decking under you; it’s the many ways you can get enjoyment out of the space. From watching television to listening to the radio, enjoying a fire pit, reading a book, or just spending time with friends, a porch is a great place to relax and have fun, as long as the weather cooperates. Nobody wants to do these things on your porch or deck when it is raining or snowing outside, which leads to your porch becoming unused. Don’t let your porch become an abandoned spot in your home that had quite a bit of time and design put into it! You can avoid all of this and use your porch worry-free whenever you want with phantom screens.

Why a Phantom Screen?

The term “phantom screen” can sound pretty complicated and fancy, but if you didn’t know, it simply means a screen that can be rolled back or up. What this means is, around a given porch area, a screen can be used to enclose it to protect it against direct sunlight, pests, wind, rain, and other undesirable conditions. Then, when the time and weather is right, you can simply press a button and have those screens automatically roll up into non-existence, so that they do not obscure your view of your landscape nor will they obstruct your enjoyment of your porch and the spring and summer weather.

3 Benefits of Phantom Screens

Phantom screens certainly add some versatility to your porch. These are just a few benefits of phantom screens:

1. A Minimal Barrier

A phantom screen is essentially a motorized screen that, unlike most screens that are either around your porch or deck 24/7, are kept stored in pillars and in the roof/covering of your porch. The screen is then rolled out mechanically – using a simple manual handle in some cases, or an actual electronic system in more modern uses of the phantom screen. This allows the screen to stay out of your way during nice weather, which lets you enjoy pleasant days on your porch or deck, while it can also be easily and quickly deployed when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

2. Silent, Invisible, and Modern

The kind of screen that you choose can change how well it insulates your porch, how well it keeps pests and other unwanted things outside, and how well it “breathes” or otherwise allows you to enjoy the fact that you are still, after all, outside and enjoying the natural world! Of course, you don’t have to limit your use of phantom screens to a porch, deck, or patio; you can also expand them to a window or even a door! Screen doors and window screens are common things, after all, though they rarely seem very effective; phantom screens, on the other hand, can be used across your home wherever outside meets inside! Keep yourself protected – in a silent, invisible, and modern way!

3. The Power of Choice

Of course, you could always just have a permanently screened-in porch, but that makes it difficult to do a wide number of things enjoyably and safely. Take grilling, for example. A screen enclosure practically makes this activity like grilling indoors, and that is absolutely unsafe, so grilling becomes a non-starter for you. Additionally, having a large gathering on your porch or patio can be difficult when the porch itself doesn’t have enough space for your number of guests. With a phantom screen, you can suddenly open the party up to your entire outdoor property, which is a considerable upgrade from just a porch!

In general, having options is preferable to being stuck with a porch that is just one way or another. With a phantom screen, your porch can be whatever you want it to be, every day!