What Is a ManaBloc Plumbing System?

July 21, 2015

When building a new house or even just working on the plumbing of that house, it would behoove you to take a look at ManaBloc plumbing and the benefits offered by it. This method of plumbing water lines is a fairly new and incredibly inventive method that is also incredibly easy to install and very reliable as far as leaks are concerned. ManaBloc plumbing essentially works like a central station of plumbing, channeling water throughout your home through plastic tubes rather than metal pipes, all the way to various faucets and other water outputs that require a regular feed of water. Each plumbing fixture in your house receives its own unique, dedicated delivery line, allowing for an energy-efficient plumbing system that will save you quite a bit later on down the line, even while it prevents water waste and gets more bang for your buck than any traditional plumbing system.

It’s All About the Pipes

ManaBloc plumbing systems are the result of PEX tubing, a flexible, plastic tubing that provides faster and more efficient flow for water. It is less expensive to produce and install while being considerably more adaptable to whatever situation you need to use it in. This flexibility allows for PEX tubing to be fit behind walls that traditional tubing might otherwise have trouble fitting behind, while also allowing for less water to pass through for the same results, leading to greater water efficiency – thus saving you, the homeowner, quite a bit of money!

The Beating Heart of ManaBloc

Your typical ManaBloc distribution manifold comes already-put-together, with several water intake ports and plenty of distribution ports, all of which require 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch distribution lines. The ports are event color-coded for their own shut-off valve, providing considerable control over your plumbing system without having to travel around your home attempting to locate and fix one or another leak; instead, you can easily control your water flow from the manifold itself! Between the ease of installation, use, and repair and the considerable cost savings available to those who make use of the ManaBloc system, it’s a wonder more homeowners don’t adopt this incredible new system!