The Tech Closet Solution

May 12, 2015

The modern home is completely wired, to the point of, well, having very few wires indeed! What does that mean? It means that in addition to climate control and security systems, access to the Internet in every room – thanks to mobile devices and their need for connectivity on-the-go and in the strangest of circumstances – is necessary, leading to wireless systems in seemingly every home. Indeed, we have many different technological devices installed in our homes these days, from water and air temperature controls to stereo and television systems to all manner of electronics. We are closer to the home of tomorrow, so to speak, than we have been for quite some time. Yet all this technology creates one very particular problem: where to put it all?

Centralized Living

Having all of these systems diffused across your home can lead to complications. Maintenance means going to every hotspot in your home that has a device installed in it and attending to it, while networking them together can prove difficult at best when they are not near each other. Yet to have them all just… sitting in a room… can lead to tripping over wires and just a general mess. No, you need them out of the way but still near each other – and the best way to do that is to install a tech closet in your home.

Simplicity Today

A tech closet is pretty much just what it sounds like: a simple closet, built to house your technology. Specifically, it is a small enclosed space intended to have your various technologies housed in it, where they can be networked together for maximum synergy and efficiency. Your television, your computers, your web connection, your climate control, your home security – it can all be working together to create a whole home experience through technology.

Additionally, maintenance experts can simply go straight to your tech closet for all their maintenance-y needs – quick and easy! And really, isn’t that what this age of new home technologies is all about? Well, that’s not what it is ALL about, but that kind of connectivity and simplicity is a huge goal of the latest wave of home technologies. Embrace it, and build a tech closet for you and your family – if not for your sanity!