5 Time Management Tips

February 23, 2016

February is National Time Management Month. In honor of it, here are 5 time management tips to help you become more productive and efficient:

1. Keep A Work Journal

When you’re working on a project in home time management is key. Using a work journal can help you keep everything on track without a lot of clutter of receipts or records. I use a basic eight by eleven notebook where I keep written records and tape receipts and pictures inside as well. Mine is not the fanciest you’ve ever seen but you can always perk it up with Washi tape and color-coding markers. Many companies, as well as homeowners, keep work journals. Be sure to accurately date and label each task. This way you know exactly what you have done and what else needs to be done.

2. No Nit Picking

Before you can be a perfectionist, be sure to get the bulk of the work done. When working on a home project it is best to get the major steps out of the way before working on the small touches. While I do find this difficult I find it easiest to make a to-do list based on priority. That way I get the large hunks of not-so-fun work done and then I can play with the detailing. Nothing will look more peculiar than a stained glass window perfectly placed in a wall that was just drywalled.

3. Have (and Keep) Deadlines

Having a definite deadline for your home project is paramount. It can be difficult to uphold but it will make life a lot simpler in the long run. You do not need to make large, lofty deadlines either; breaking the work into smaller chunks will make them easier to tackle. To make the home projects less daunting you can schedule due dates that are smaller along the way to the finished project. It will keep you feeling accomplished without overwhelming you along the way.

4. Plan Ahead

Write a to-do list at the end of the day every day for the day ahead. By organizing for the next day you will be able to focus on one task at a time without feeling overwhelmed about what to do next. If you’re doing a DIY project over the weekend or simply dedicating an hour every day to your garden, planning ahead of time will make the home project easier and will help you be less distracted. When using a to-do list give yourself plenty of time for each task. This will keep you from being stressed or feeling like you’re running out of time.

5. Tackle The Big Stuff

When working on a DIY project it is always best to tackle the big, boring projects first. This way you will have more fun in the long run and will feel accomplished no matter what.