7 Tips For Designing Your Dream Bathroom

October 22, 2013

When it comes to the bathroom, functionality and aesthetics are important. In addition to being a functional room in your home, the bathroom is also often used as a place of retreat and relaxation after a long day. Whether your style falls more towards functional or luxurious spa, here are some tips for designing your dream bathroom:

1. Consider How You Want to Use the Room

One of the most important custom home building tips and steps when it comes to any room design is to consider the purpose of the room and how you want to use it. Also, think about how you want to feel while you’re in the room. This goes for any room in your custom home and is true for the bathroom as well.

Will you want to soak in a relaxing bath to wind down? Do you want something that is minimal and focused more on function or do you want a cozier atmosphere? Knowing your style, the feeling you want to have while in the room, and also your preferences for using it is one of the tips for designing your dream bathroom that can help inform other design and decor decisions.

2. Figure Out the Big Things First

Having a good idea of how you want to use your bathroom will help you figure out the big stuff. Do you want a freestanding tub in addition to a walk-in shower? Are you considering a wet room bathroom? What kind of vanity do you want? How much counter space do you need?

Once you have the big things figured out, then you can focus on the details that will add function and enhance the look and feel you want in your dream bathroom. You’ll also have a better idea of how much square footage you’ll need in order to get the bathroom you want.

Additionally, you can think about any upgrades, technology integrations, or other bathroom design trends or options you want to make sure are included during the design phase. Some of these items may be easy to add in later, but most of them need to be considered during the initial design phases of your dream bathroom.

3. Plan For Storage & Minimize Clutter

Clutter does not help create a relaxing atmosphere and can get in the way when you’re trying to get things done or relax. You shouldn’t be tripping over things or knocking over stuff in the bathroom as you try to get ready for the day or wind down. Storage is one of the many questions to ask when planning bathrooms in your custom home.

Making sure you are thinking about storage and planning for it in your bathroom design can help make sure you have enough storage. This can help you organize things in the bathroom and keep clutter under control. In addition to cabinets and closets, there are a ton of bathroom storage solutions you can use to get the storage you need in your dream bathroom.

4. Choose Your Colors Wisely

Colors are emotive; tones have the ability to affect your mood while also altering the ambiance of a space. One of the tips for designing your dream bathroom is to choose your colors wisely. You want a color palette that will look great and help create the atmosphere you want.

Earthy tones can help create a warm, comfortable look while pastels provide a softer look and feel. Neutrals and light colors can create a brighter, more open space while vibrant colors can make a statement and add some energy to a room.

5. Think About Lighting

No one likes a dull-looking or dim bathroom. It’s important to think about the lighting in your bathroom. There are plenty of bathroom lighting options to choose from; track lighting, beautiful wall sconces, recessed lights, and more are all options for your bathroom.

But, you don’t want to forget about natural light. One of the common bathroom design mistakes to avoid is not including some type of window. You can put a window higher on the wall, get privacy glass, or go for a skylight to get natural light without sacrificing privacy.

6. Place Mirrors Strategically

Mirrors are a great way to reflect light and make a space feel brighter and more open. Placing mirrors strategically in your bathroom is one of the home decor tips for using mirrors that can help you take advantage of this while also getting the functionality you need from them.

7. Create Consistency With Decor

You can make a statement in your decor, create a focal point, and add interesting touches, but you also want your bathroom design to have a consistent look and feel. At the very least, the overall style should match and work.

Choose towels, rugs, accent pieces, and more that complement the color on your bathroom walls. Colors, items, and fixtures that fit with the overall design theme of your bathroom can help you create a consistent look and feel.

These are just a few tips for designing your dream bathroom. But, the bathroom is just one room in your home, and it’s important to have the right flow and look throughout the rest of your home design.

Working with an experienced custom home builder can help ensure you end up with the home you want. If you’re ready to start making your dream home a reality, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!