3 Tips for Designing Your Dream Kitchen

January 8, 2018

A dream kitchen isn’t just reserved for cooks. Cooking is an essential skill for healthy living, after all! It can also be an incredibly fun hobby. Learning how to make your favorite dishes on your own means you can have them whenever your heart desires! Designing your dream kitchen can help you get there.

Sometimes having the right kitchen can inspire you, and reinvigorate you to cook instead of ordering out. The right kitchen can help greatly in making the process quicker, easier, and simpler. This applies not only to the cooking itself, but also in cleaning up afterwards!

Here are a few tips for designing your dream kitchen:

1. Plan for Storage and Organization

Nothing is more frustrating than beginning to make a meal, becoming increasingly excited, and realizing midway through that you’re missing ingredients.

This often results from a lack of storage space to keep a hefty amount of varied ingredients. Sometimes, it’s from a lack of organization that makes it difficult to find what you need. There are many ways to increase storage space in your kitchen. For example, you could install extra shelves, build a walk-in pantry, keep labeled containers, or increase the number of cabinets. All this will work well towards making sure you have all the space, and ingredients, you need.

2. Choose Practicality and Function

A dismal room will create a dismal atmosphere, compounding that feeling day after day. So when designing your dream kitchen, keep in mind that designing a positive atmosphere is important. However, practicality must also be considered. This is certainly one of the common kitchen design mistakes to avoid.

A certain countertop may look fabulous, but it may not be particularly good for cooking on. Certain materials can easily become eroded by oils, or can easily become stained by something as simple as water. Make sure to thoroughly research the materials you want for all your countertops and furniture just in case.

3. Ensure Proper Lighting

Proper lighting can set the mood for just about any room. It can transform a bland kitchen into a bright and enchanting one by making sure everything is properly illuminated.

Lights can be especially helpful in pantries and cabinets so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Without them, your storage areas may be impossible to keep organized and quickly fall into disarray. Looking at all of the lighting options available for your custom home can help you decide which ones will be the best fit for illuminating your dream kitchen.

These are just three tips to help you get started on making your dream kitchen one that will last. We highly encourage you to consult with an expert one-on-one so they can help you add your personal flair to an efficient kitchen. For help in planning out and building your dream home, contact Custom Home Group at (717) 284-4090!