6 Popular Types of Farmhouse Styles

July 25, 2023

Farmhouse has become a classic home design theme and has inspired several related styles and hybrid styles. If you like the farmhouse look but don’t necessarily want to go all-in with classic country farmhouse, here are a few popular types of farmhouse styles to inspire you:

1. Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse is one of the most popular types of farmhouse styles. It combines sleek contemporary and country farmhouse styles for a current farmhouse look. Modern farmhouse still centers on natural materials, warm atmospheres, and cozy vibes and also features clean lines, glossy accents, and sleek styles. There is a lot of flexibility and several ways to get the modern farmhouse look.

Exposed wooden beams or brick, repurposed wood, and rustic textures can add farmhouse elements while statement furniture pieces, a minimalist approach, and sleek lines can add modern elements that work together. You can take a similar approach to combine styles in exterior home design as well. Pairing black and white for high contrast with wood is one of the modern farmhouse exterior design ideas.

2. Luxe Farmhouse

Luxe farmhouse, or rich ranch, is all about a simple and fresh country look and feel with some luxurious elements throughout. Plus, mixing natural materials and luxe elements is also one of the hot home design trends.

Luxe farmhouse could be subtle like a farmhouse kitchen with luxe marble countertops and other elegant touches. This style can also really lean into the “rich ranch” concept with ornate exteriors, large wrap-around porches, big barn-style custom garages or outbuildings, and more.

3. Coastal Farmhouse

The coastal farmhouse style takes the coastal/beach cottage look and feel and adds some rustic country warmth with the addition of farmhouse decor and design elements. A lot of coastal design elements overlap naturally with the farmhouse style.

Blending natural textures, light and airy colors, and relaxing, comfortable atmospheres are all rustic coastal design ideas that can help you create a coastal farmhouse look and feel. By adding some classic nautical or beach elements, like sea glass, seashells, repurposed driftwood elements, etc., you can drive home that beach cottage comfort and create a coastal farmhouse look.

4. Industrial Farmhouse

Industrial farmhouse combines textures, colors, and materials to create a rugged modern look and feel. This style often features repurposed items mixed with traditional elements to add an industrial touch to a farmhouse atmosphere.

Many industrial farmhouse design ideas include mixing natural materials and metal to merge rustic and modern for a blend of city and country. Industrial lighting fixtures, metal accents, exposed pipes, furniture that combines wood and metal, wrought iron, and more are all common features in industrial and industrial farmhouse styles.

5. Scandinavian Farmhouse

Scandinavian farmhouse takes the comfortable coziness of farmhouse and adds a minimalistic hygge approach to it. Scandinavian farmhouse style focuses on creating an open, uncluttered, and light atmosphere while combining minimalistic interior design with modernism and a rustic touch.

This farmhouse style features natural materials, soft shapes, muted colors, and comfortable, cozy textures. Wood flooring and simple woodwork around windows and doors are common features. Woodwork in other areas is also popular and can often show up in kitchen cabinet styles, countertops, built-in shelves, other built-in features, and more.

6. French Country FarmhouseIn addito

The French country farmhouse style focuses on French country interior design while adding some extra rustic or country elements for an emphasis on the farmhouse look and feel. This style is a mix of classic French elegance and classic country farmhouse for elegant simplicity.

This style features plenty of natural light, mixed patterns, reclaimed wood, flowers, and more. A cozy breakfast nook, drapery with ruffles for a dramatic flair, vintage furniture and decor, and more are all ways to incorporate a French country look and feel.

Get Your Dream Home With Custom Home Group

Farmhouse is one of the popular architectural designs and these are just a few popular types of farmhouse styles to consider as you think about the style and design of your custom home. In addition to interior and exterior design elements, there are also several farmhouse landscaping ideas to maximize the impact of your home and overall lot.

Whether you are looking for a style that is relatively straightforward or a home design that combines elements of several styles, the right custom home builder can help you make sure you have a home that works for you. Working with a custom home builder who has an in-house design/build process can help you take the elements you like and turn them into a style and a home you love.

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