5 Types of Range Hoods to Consider For Your Custom Home

April 9, 2024

Kitchens can get very hot and, at times, smoky. Proper ventilation is essential to removing heat, moisture, and cooking smells. Range hoods are typically used in these kitchen ventilation systems, but they also can be part of your decor as well. Here are some of the types of range hoods to consider for your custom home:

5 Common Types of Range Hoods

When it comes to range hoods, there are plenty of options to choose from. The best type of range hood for your kitchen will depend on your layout, size of the range hood, cooking needs, and design preferences. Here are the different types of range hoods available:

kitchen with abstract backsplash1. Under-Cabinet Range Hood

If you need to save space, an under-cabinet range hood is a good option. They tend to be less bulky and can be seamlessly integrated into all types of kitchen layouts. They provide ventilation by using a fan to pull in air which is filtered and then expelled outside. Some may even recirculate clean air back into the kitchen.

Some of these oven range hoods come equipped with lighting features. While they are easy to install, they can be noisy and may have limited ventilation power. They may also not be the best fit for large cooktops.

kitchen with island2. Microwave Hoods

Microwave hoods are part of a microwave that is mounted into the cabinets above a cooktop. They help ventilate the kitchen by using recirculation instead of expelling air externally. Something important to remember if you choose a microwave hood is that you need about 16 inches between the bottom of the microwave and the cooktop.

Microwave hoods are useful if you want to prioritize counter space for other uses. Plus, it can perform two functions at once. Space and functionality are things to consider when choosing kitchen appliances.

kitchen with island3. Wall-Mounted Canopy Hoods

If you do a lot of heavy-duty cooking, especially sautéing, frying, or searing, you may want to go with a wall-mounted canopy hood. These powerful range hoods offer excellent ventilation and circulation by allowing air into the range hood and pushing it outside.

This type of range hood is mounted directly to your wall. They are large enough for bigger cooktops and even commercial kitchens. You will want to ensure at least 36 inches of distance between the bottom of your range hood and your cooktop.

4. Island Canopy Range Hoods

This type of range hood is similar to a wall-mounted canopy hood but it hangs from your ceiling over your island cooktop. These range hoods are a luxurious kitchen design trend because they make quite a statement. Plus, the hood is finished on all sides, ensuring they look great no matter your position in the kitchen.

Just like the wall-mounted canopy hoods, island canopy range hoods offer powerful ventilation as well. They typically vent through ceiling ductwork but you can find ductless models if that’s what you prefer.

view of kitchen and living room great room5. Range Hood Liners

If you want to hide ventilation in your cabinetry, range hood liners might be the best choice for your kitchen. The ductwork can be hidden in custom cabinetry and the liner is inserted into the bottom of the cabinetry. This type of seamless integration is a kitchen trend that will never go out of style.

This type of hood offers about the same ventilation strength as other oven range hoods. However, it is important to know that some liners may not come with the blower. This allows you to choose the level of ventilation your kitchen needs. Always make sure to check if the liner comes with a blower or not before choosing this option.

These are just a few types of range hoods to consider for your custom home. Ventilation in your kitchen is necessary so it’s important to have a professional that has an in-house design/build process that can keep things easy and stress-free while ensuring you get the custom home you want. Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to bring your dream home to life!