Walk-In Shower vs Bathtub

February 12, 2018

Homeowners and potential homeowners are embroiled in the debate: walk-in shower vs bathtub? Over the last decade, having a walk-in shower has become more and more commonplace. Some homeowners marvel at their modern look and energy efficiency. However, others prefer the classic bathtub utility much more than following trends. To settle the debate, here are the pros and cons of each.

Walk-In Shower Pros:

With crisp designs and energy efficiency, walk-in showers are the epitome of modernization. Here are the pros of walk-in showers:

Easy Access

Walk-in showers are often simple. They don’t usually have difficult doors or clunky mechanisms and are simple extensions of an already existing wall. They are exceedingly simple to get in and out of – especially with no ledges to step over.

No Hassle Cleaning

Without soap-cummy doors, these installations are very easy to clean. Equipped with just a squeegee, homeowners can simply wipe down the side and call it a day. Often walk-in showers use the same tile as the rest of the bathroom, so buildup is infrequent. With a daily wipe down and a weekly disinfectant spritz, these are a snap to clean.

Walk-In Shower Cons:

These svelte newcomers to the bathroom game are quickly gaining popularity. But will they stand the test of time? Here are the cons of walk-in showers:

Slip Hazard

Walk-in showers don’t have ledges or doors, so when the drain can’t keep up water tends to collect. So much so, that slipping is a common hazard. Homeowners can combat this by having a rigorous drain cleaning schedule along with extra moisture-prevention measures.

Less Privacy

Without a door, and often made of glass, walk-in showers don’t leave much to the imagination if someone happens to interrupt. Fortunately, many homeowners have discovered perfectly compatible shower curtains to fix the privacy problem.

Bathtub Pros:

There are many types of bathtubs and some styles have been around for time immemorial. Let’s recap the reasons why:


You can’t take a bath without a bathtub! It may be obvious, but it’s only something bath-less homeowners fully realize once they can’t take one. Taking baths is one of the most calming things people can do to relax after a long day. Without the bubbles and essential oils, decompressing after work just isn’t the same. Not to mention missing out on the health benefits of being submerged in warm water for muscle aches and pains.

Increased Water Retention

The high ledges of tubs prevent most, if any, water from splashing out. Having dry floors is critical for people who are accident-prone or elderly. The advent of tubs with stall doors eliminates tripping hazards as well – making them safer overall.

Bathtub Cons:

Just because they’ve been around forever, doesn’t mean they’re without flaws. Here are a couple of shortcomings that bathtubs possess:

Space Inefficiency

There’s no way around it, bathtubs take up space. To be able to fit an entire human, or two, bathtubs need to be plenty large enough. Bathtubs with all the bells as whistles, like jets and double faucets, are oftentimes even larger. For homes with enough bathroom space, this shouldn’t be a problem, but can cause issues with smaller bathrooms.

Difficult to Clean

Bathtubs aren’t always the most pleasant stop on the cleaning tour. After bending over the side, or climbing in, the cleaner often gets trapped in there for the duration. After spraying down all the walls, and the floor, any cleaning agent will seep down the sides and reach your hands or feet. In addition, the soap scum and mold that festers in bathtubs just keep coming no matter how hard you clean.

What’s Your Verdict?

Walk-in shower units are certainly convenient for everyday use, but sometimes nothing can replace a good soak. For many homeowners, it’s not one or the other, they resolve the conflict by including both options in their bathroom.

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