3 Ways to Celebrate Parks and Recreation Month

July 12, 2016

July is Parks and Recreation Month. Parks and recreation centers are important parts of the community that work as centers of the town. They create events for families and children, they offer a place to appreciate nature and the outdoors, and they often offer educational and career resources for the general public. Here are 3 ways you can celebrate Parks and Recreation Month:

1. Head over to the park

The easiest thing you can do is to enjoy the local park. There are usually hundreds of events going on every year and there are always beautiful hiking trails, nature walks, and rivers. Simply going to the park and experiencing everything it has is the best way to learn more about the park or recreation center. Having a picnic or going for a jog on a regular basis will also help you become more familiar with your park. From there you can decide if you are interested in volunteering or working with your park or recreation organization.

2. Introduce someone to the park

Bringing a friend to the park helps create interest and community. Bring them onto a hike or to a movie night by the pool. From there you can bring more people to the park to help the community thrive. You and your friends will also have something different to do on the weekends or throughout the warmer months. If you and your friends decide to become more active in the park you will be able to organize events and festivals. This way you can create park events that are specific to the community’s interests and will.

3. Donate your time

There is no better way to celebrate Park and Recreation Month than by donating your time. Offer to do weeding, landscaping, or even paperwork for the park or recreation. The organization will be incredibly appreciative and you will know you helped your peers as well as your town as a whole. If you have a particular skill such as accounting or botany be sure to let the park organizers know. If you are able to work on aspects you’re passionate about you will be more successful and more likely to enjoy the work.