What is a Farmhouse Kitchen?

February 26, 2018

A farmhouse kitchen is an architectural design where the cooking, eating, and recreational areas of a home are merged into one. This design has stayed in style due to its classic status. The best part about this design is its versatility – it can be elegant or rustic. Let’s take a look at some elements that just scream farmhouse kitchen:

Farmhouse Sinks

Modeled after old-fashioned farmhouses themselves, these sinks are larger than ordinary. They are deep enough to do anything from washing dishes to canning vegetables. They’re even set below the surrounding counter – with draining grooves – for splash control. Farmhouse sinks are at the top of their game for utility.

White Cabinets

Farmhouse kitchens are known for white cabinetry. Pure white, off-white, eggshell – as long as they’re white they’re keeping with the traditional farmhouse style. Usually, the cabinets will also be simple or have relatively few adornments. One of the white kitchen design ideas is to upgrade the hardware on cabinets; this can be a subtle way to add more luxurious details or to enhance a more modern farmhouse look.

Classic Floors

Classic farmhouses often had wood or linoleum floors. These served as sturdy, and simple to install, options for the builders of the era. To obtain the aesthetic without sacrificing style, stick to lighter woods and simple tiles.

Open Shelves

Before sliding cabinets and press shelves were widely available, homesteaders used open cabinetry. Farmhouse shelves display the contents of your cupboards for all to see – and add easy access for you. If you have children, however, you can’t child-lock a cabinet handle that isn’t there. For parents, you can achieve the same traditional farmhouse look with simple glass panes. Having a glass pane with a light-colored handle will keep the aesthetic while keeping your kids safe.

Vintage Counters

Using a wood, soapstone, or marble counter gives a rustic feel to the room when combined with vintage accents. Light wood is the most prevalently used, however, homeowners also appreciate soapstone for the contrast to their white cabinetry. Marble counters look especially rustic when created with one solid slab.

Something to keep in mind: wood and marble are very porous materials for counters. High porosity is often associated with stain and germ absorption. With proper sealing, however, there’s nothing to worry about.

There are several popular types of farmhouse styles. If your dream home features a farmhouse kitchen, give us a call at (717) 284-4090 to start designing your custom home!