What is “Hybrid Style” in Roof Shingles?

October 8, 2015

For both new and old homes, roofing is always a necessary and sometimes expensive investment. Many do not want to put thought or money into such an endeavor but by doing so they increase the value of their home and with some techniques can decrease their spending on utilities, food, roofing materials, or other expenses. Before you decide how to reroof your home or to place one on your new home consider several different options that will be best for you and your family. Ask plenty of questions when discussing possibilities with roofers and contractors. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and work with you to make your new or existing home perfect.

Green Roof

Many know about green roofs from their rebirth in large cities like New York but are unaware of smaller possibilities. Originally, green roofs were used in small homes in Europe and even in the U.S. before settlers arrived. It was a great way to safely shelter your family and add more gardening opportunities to your property. Some in the Midwest and in rural parts of the East Coast still use this roofing technique because it helps their family grow sustainable, healthy food and it is wonderful for the environment.

If you believe this is the best option for you talk to a roofer who has experience building green roofs and possibly a landscaper. By having both working with you, you will be able to design a beautiful and useful green roof that will help cut your grocery bill and possibly some utilities bills in half. The only concern is that some people may ask if you’re from The Shire.

Recycled Shingles

These shingles are made from waste products either from homes or manufacturers. They look exactly like traditional shingles and can cost much less. These shingles also help keep waste out of the landfills throughout the country.

If you are considering recycled shingles be sure to work with a roofer who has experience with the material and can help you navigate the processes. While it will not be much different than regular shingles, there still may be some questions you have or aspects your roofer will want you to know about.

Hybrid Shingles

While these are a large investment at first hybrid shingles can help you save in the long run on electricity because they are actually small solar panels. These durable shingles look and act like traditional shingles but can pull energy from the sun to heat, cool, and light your house anytime of the year. If you decide hybrid shingles are perfect for you be sure to research your possible roofer well before hiring. That way you will know how much experience they have and the testimonials of several previous customers.