Why are White-on-White Kitchens So Popular?

December 8, 2016

For years kitchens have been designed with rich colors, complex textures, and warm lighting. Now white kitchens have made a come back from the stereotypical French and rustic kitchens for their clean lines, open concepts, and bright and cheery lighting. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider having a white kitchen in your new custom home.

1. Clean Layout

With white kitchens, there is plenty of room and possibility to decorate or make your kitchen perfect for you. With a white kitchen, you will want plenty of lighting to keep your kitchen looking inviting instead of sterile. Be sure to use soft artificial lighting when natural lighting cannot be used. You may also want to consider using an open and clean concept when designing your custom kitchen. A simple kitchen with an L-shaped counter and then a large island can look inviting and keep everything moving smoothly during meal prep.

2. Modern with Rustic

With a white kitchen, it is simple to mix modern touches such as appliances with rustic accents such as lighting, fixtures, and textures. It is simple to find white and metallic appliances that will pair well with white kitchens and their rustic accents. This is because the white meshes well with other materials. If you decide to purchase appliances that are metallic be sure they mix well with your kitchen’s other metallic textures. While they may not clash with the white they may clash with each other.

3. Incorporate Old with New

You can bring in the old with the new in white kitchens. While new appliances are wonderful and important, for many of us we love having older appliances, place settings, and accents that were passed down through family lines or given as gifts. In some ways, it is for sentimental reasons or simply because the appliance has stood the test of time. If you want to mix old with new be sure to do so with thought. Make sure the color schemes, textures, and materials mesh well with each other. It will make your kitchen look more inviting and cozy.