Neighborhood Feature: Mill Creek

June 4, 2015

Owning and living in a home is far more than a mere matter of liking the architecture and landscaping of the house itself. Those are the technical things, the physical properties of your home that lend themselves to your continued enjoyment and comfort in that space, but a home is far more than just a house, just as anything meaningful and important in your life is more than the sum of its parts. In the case of your home, it matters where it is, as that impacts many different things for your family. In the immediate sense, that determines your neighborhood, which determines the people you associate with, the environment and community that you and your family become a part of and are affected by. In a long-term sense, your location determines your school district – and if you have children, you know just how important that is.

What to Expect in Mill Creek

All of this and more is why so many homeowners-to-be are flocking to Mill Creek. When you look at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, it certainly has no shortage of great neighborhoods – in fact, it can seem like a new one is sprouting up everywhere you turn! – but Mill Creek stands above most other neighborhoods owing to its great location in the Lampeter-Strasburg school district, as well as its relative nearness to the population centers of the county while still remaining tucked away in the signature rural country space of the region. You get the best of what it means to live in Lancaster when you live in Mill Creek!

Education Matters

The school district of your home is one of those things that not everyone thinks about when it comes to the value that a new home can add to your life and your family, yet what a school district can offer is very real and potentially very beneficial. Lampeter-Strasburg has stellar academics, well-known sports programs, and a variety of different vocational and career-oriented programs that will help put your children on the right track for their future. It is a well-funded, well-run school district where you can be certain that your children are receiving the best education that the region can provide – and when all is said and done, that alone will be reason enough to move to Mill Creek!