6 Window Safety Tips

April 12, 2016

Window Safety Week is the second full week in April. It’s important to practice window safety, especially if there are small children in your home. Finding ways to make your windows safer and more secure will help you sleep easy at night and may make your windows last longer through the seasons. You should also clean your windows (including the runners) regularly so they remain safe from debris and mold. In honor of Window Safety Week, here are a few window safety tips:

1. Window Safety Locks

You can install window safety locks to keep intruders out and wee ones in. This will make it easy to open the window a little to let some fresh air in without tempting children to climb up and possibly fall out. You can purchase window safety locks at any chain or hardware store and they are fairly inexpensive. They are also simple to install. Once you place the lock onto the runner where the window moves up and down and then you secure the bolt. It is simple and makes it virtually impossible for an intruder to undo the lock and children will be unable to reach it.

2. Proper Installation

This may seem like a no-brainer but there are plenty of windows that could use a little more work. If you have a window with a draft you cannot get rid of or mold forming around the edges you will want to thoroughly clean the window and then get to work fixing the problem. Unless you are a seasoned DIYer, it’s better to hire a professional. They will be able to identify and fix the problem in an afternoon while you may take a day or more. The right contractor or builder will also fix the issue the first time.

3. Security Film

If you want a simple DIY project that is fairly inexpensive and easy to install, you may want to get a ballistic film. This allegedly makes your windows tougher to break so small children won’t crash through and burglars will be unable to bust through the glass to open the door. You can purchase the film online or at hardware stores and then you cut the pieces to match your windows and doors. From there, you clean your windows thoroughly and gently press the film onto the window while smoothing it with your hand. After you have placed the film, wash the windows once more to make the film appear invisible.

4. Window Bars

Window bars are simple pieces that can be easily installed. Much like shower curtain rods they can easily adhere to the edges of the window so you can place it wherever you would like. This can help keep little ones from accidentally falling out of the window and keep intruders from coming in.

If you need external window bars they can be beautiful as well as functional. Bars are not always the most attractive décor but they can be the most necessary in some instances. Luckily it can be a stunning addition to your home instead of a mar on the façade. If you need bars you may want to hire a welder with a little bit of creativity. They can weld and install window bars that look like trees, birds, butterflies and anything in between. Even though they are wonderful pieces they will be as strong, if not stronger, than more generic bars you see on windows.

5. Proper Sealing and Caulking

The best place to start when creating safer windows is the foundation. Strip old, damaged sealing and caulking before you begin installing new windows, window bars, or any other new pieces. This way you’ll no there are no holes, leaks, or creaks before you begin making your windows safer. It will also help give the windows a more youthful look. If you are not a handyman or woman you can look up tutorials that will help you have a better grasp on resealing and recaulking your windows. If you are unsure of your own skills, you can hire a home improvement company and they will help you reseal and recaulk windows while replacing them and making them more secure.

6. Have a Plan

Finally, the best advice we can give is to plan before you begin working on your windows. Be sure to have a step-by-step plan for what you are going to do and what you want to do. This will help you work through each task quickly and thoroughly so you do not have to go over your work again or pay for any more improvements.

Window safety is extremely important. With these tips, you’re on the right path.