10 Cool Winter Home Trends of 2023

October 27, 2020

When the cold sets in and winter weather hits, many homeowners start spending more and more time inside. If you’re feeling a little bit of cabin fever and you’re looking to add a fresh look to your home, these winter home trends of 2023 are for you:

1. Natural Woods

Natural elements and country landscapes continue to be some of the popular winter home trends of 2023. Incorporating natural wood is a great way to add this winter home trend to your decor. Dark or warm woods can easily be added through furniture and in accent decor or other decorations.

Wooden stools can provide comfortable and stylish seating while a wooden coffee table or bookcases can liven up a room. Plus, there are so many ways to style a bookshelf that allow you to add more winter home trends, play with decor, enhance a room, and more. Switching to natural wood picture frames or adding a table lamp with a wooden base can be a subtle way to add this look.

Natural wood also fits in seamlessly with farmhouse decor and several different interior design styles. So, whether you go with lighter tones or darker woods, you can likely find something that fits in well with the rest of your interior design.

2. Earthy Colors

In addition to natural woods, earth-tone colors continue to be one of the winter home trends of 2023. Timber tones, like brown, rust, and warm greens, are on-trend along with warmer tones, like caramel and turmeric.

Cooler earthy colors, like oceanic blues for a coastal or nautical interior design look, are also on-trend this winter. Not only does a classic blue help create a calming, relaxing atmosphere, but it also pairs well with the timber tones and other earth-tone colors that are popular.

3. Indoor Plants

Paired with natural woods, natural materials, and earthy colors, indoor plants are another winter home trend. Indoor plants are a great way to add some greenery to a room and to help create a more soothing, calming atmosphere. There are even houseplants perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms.

Whether you opt for real plants or artificial ones, there are a ton of ways to decorate with houseplants. No matter what types of plants you have, you’re bound to find a way to incorporate them into your home decor for the winter.

Even if you don’t go for something official, like biophilic design, adding some greenery here and there can make a big difference in the atmosphere of a room and how you feel when you’re in it. You can also consider how to add more light, especially natural light to the room, to help illuminate the space on overcast days.

4. Cozy Textiles

A general sense of coziness is always a winter home trend. Because of this focus on coziness and comfort, hygge is a common theme. Cozy textiles are an easy way to get this look in your home.

This makes chunky knits popular and keeps “giant knitting” on-trend. Giant Knitting uses larger knitting needles that are practically the size of baseball bats, PVC pipes, or even just a knitter’s arms, and jumbo yarn to create that unique, large, and thick stitch.

Chunky knits or other thick blankets can be thrown over the back of a couch to function as both decor and a useful item to stay warm. Throw pillows, area rugs, and other textiles can be added to create a general atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Area rugs and layering are even some of the popular flooring trends too.

5. Comforting Textures

Overlapping with cozy textiles are comforting textures. This winter home trend is all about visuals and touch. Texture can be purely visual like art, trim, wall hangings, and other ways to add texture to your walls. It can also be purely for touch or can be comforting to the touch while also providing a great visual.

Materials like matt-velvet, fringed cashmere, boucle, woven wool, shag, and more can all add texture visually while also being a comfort to use. Rugs, throw blankets, pillows, full pieces of furniture, and more can all help you incorporate this winter home trend.

6. Heritage Patterns

Heritage patterns, like houndstooth, tartan, and herringbone, continue to be a popular winter home trend of 2023 and can also help you add a countryside feel to a room. This is why they are one of the country cottage decor ideas.

These patterns also pop up in country, rustic, French country, and farmhouse interior designs. These patterns can be easily included in blankets, pillows, and other textiles. Pairing the pattern with a cozy material can help you cover multiple winter home trends at once. This is one of the tips for decorating with plaid that can work with other patterns and textures you want to try to incorporate.

7. Scandi Fusion

Scandi Fusion blends minimalist interior design with traditional and modern Scandinavian styles. This interior design style continues to be a winter home trend of 2023 and there are a lot of options for incorporating it into your home. This trend focuses on functional, durable materials, seamless surfaces, and clean lines.

Materials like plywood, metal, cotton, linen, wool, and paper are popular. Because this style blends in with minimalism, there should be a clutter-free and spacious look and feel to the room. The room does not need to be sparse or bare; it just needs to be functional and provide a sense of well-being and decluttering on both a physical and mental level.

8. Vintage and Luxe

Luxe, the interior design trend that is all about luxury, remains a popular winter home trend. However, it has continued to evolve this year into a sense of delightful extravagance that includes vintage elements.

Although luxe is all about decadence, it doesn’t necessarily mean going overboard. Minimalist lighting that is also a statement piece is included in the luxe trend. Materials like marble, velvet, detailed glass, gold, and brass are also popular for this trend. Velvet and similar luxe materials can also help you add cozy textiles to your decor while also adding a sense of luxury.

Other vintage materials and shapes can also help you get this trend in your home. Art deco rounded shapes are big in this trend and show up in the form of rounded and curved furniture and more. A drink trolley or a fantastically arranged drink tray can be a great addition to a social room that will also add the luxe home decor trend to your home.

9. Versatile Functionality

With a lot of the winter home trends continuing into 2023 including an element of minimalism, decor and design that focuses on versatile functionality is also popular. It usually fuses a sleek and modern design with statement pieces that feature bold colors and add a bit of personality. Freestanding and multipurpose furniture pieces are key to this winter home trend and are consistently one of the interior design trends of the year.

Because they are freestanding pieces, they are easy to move. Additionally, they can be used to define spaces in an open-concept floor plan. And, because they are multipurpose, they also add an element of minimalism and can allow you to cut down on the number of pieces you have to include in a room. But, these pieces also often have a bit of flair as well in solid bold colors, vibrant textiles, or unique patterns.

10. Classic Fireplaces

There are many fireplace options for your custom home. Classic fireplaces with cozy hearths are still one of the winter home trends for 2023 and have been gaining popularity again over the years.

In addition to a relatively affordable additional heating source for a home, the aesthetic a fireplace brings to the room adds to its popularity. On top of a mantel and a cozy hearth, there are also plenty of opportunities for fireplace decor during and outside of fireplace season.

Get a Custom Home That Meets Your Needs in Any Season

Whether it’s on-trend or not, updating your decor with things you like can help you feel comfortable and refreshed at home regardless of what’s going on outside. Plus, winter home trends can help inspire your winter outdoor decor ideas and things to add inside too.

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