7 Winter-Inspired Ideas for Decorating the Perfect Main Entrance

December 22, 2021

Decorating your main entrance is one of the easiest ways to add some much-needed cheer to your home, as it can enliven your day and set your mood perfectly for the Christmas festivities. While putting up a simple wreath on the door works absolutely fine, you can be more creative with your decorations. Here are some of the best winter-inspired ideas for decorating the perfect main entrance:

1. Illuminated Winter Walkway

Give your entrance an enchanting look by lining the walkway with grapevine balls and boxwood spheres with lights. Add orbs of varying sizes to add a playful look to the pathway; you can outline your driveway for a festive and creative driveway idea. The display will look particularly captivating against the backdrop of snow.

2. Hang a Customized Wreath on Your Front Door

Winter decorations are usually done keeping Christmas in mind. And, no Christmas decoration can ever be complete without a wreath welcoming your guests. So, it would be a good idea to visit your local home-supply store and run through their stock.

A wreath is one of the classic ideas for fun front door decor, so you will have plenty of options. You can opt for a natural-looking faux-evergreen wreath or a stylized wreath with metallic spray paint. You can also go for accessorized wreaths, or even make one of your own out of interesting materials.

3. Spruce Up Your Windows Too

Make sure to decorate your windows as well. Some winter-inspired ideas include a lace window screen or hanging mason jars. Also, adorn your windows with beautiful curtains so that they complement your house’s main entrance. If your window is extra big, you can use an extra long curtain rod to avoid having to alter your curtain.

4. Adorn Your Front Door With 4-6 Paper Snowflakes

It is quite easy and inexpensive to make paper snowflakes. Moreover, they lend a playful touch to your door. All that you need to do is fold a sheet of paper into 8ths and cut out sections – then unfold the sheet. To add a seasonal touch, you can use red or green paper. Also, you can attach the snowflakes to your front door by using scotch tape or putty that won’t harm the door’s finish.

This could be a great decoration if you’ve got kids at home. Involve the kids to make your decorative snowflakes. This will keep them occupied for about 2-3 hours. You can also spice up the decoration by pairing the snowflakes with a wreath. This decoration would also suit the outside of your windows and would go well with custom window treatments.

Paper snowflakes are easy and you can likely make them with paper and items you already have. You can even use leftover wrapping paper for a festive touch. If you’re concerned about the paper standing up against the weather, you can laminate them, or simply pick up some wood snowflakes for sturdier decorations. You can go for plain or pre-painted versions. Or, you can make it a family activity and paint your own.

5. Hang 6-8 Pine Cones on Ribbons From a Wreath Hook

Hanging pine cones outside your main door can be another excellent way of decorating your main entrance. Get a few 4-6 inch pine cones from your local craft supply store, or from your yard if you have pine trees.

Also, you’ll need a silk ribbon. Cut about 6-8 pieces of ribbon, each about 2 feet in length. Attach one end of a ribbon to each pine cone with a hot glue gun. Then, tie all the loose ends of the ribbon in a knot and hang it over your front door from the wreath hook.

6. Wrap the Door in Ribbons to Make it Look Like a Gift

Another super-easy way of decorating your front door is wrapping it up in ribbons to make it look like a gift. For this, you need to get yourself about 8 feet of red or green colored ribbon. Since you’d want these ribbons to be visible from a distance, get ribbons that are around 6-8 inches wide.

Attach a single strip vertically at the door’s center. Then, attach another strip horizontally about 1 foot down from the top of the door. At the center where the ribbon strips cross each other, attach another ribbon. You can either attach these ribbons to the door with scotch tape, use putty that won’t harm the finish, or staple them to the door for a more weather-resistant approach.

7. Turn Your Door Into a Snowman for a Kid-Friendly Theme

Winter and Christmas are all about fun. And, what could be a better way of adding the fun ingredient to your door decoration plans than turning your door into a snowman?

Cut out 9 circles from black construction paper. Every circle must have a radius of at least 2 inches. Also, cut out a triangle from the paper with each side being at least 8 inches. Now cut out 2 large black circles, at least 3 inches each. Tape the two large circles to the door as eyes. Add the triangle below the large circles to serve as the nose.

Arrange 5 small circles below the nose to create a smile and adjust the remaining 4 small circles vertically to serve as the buttons. Add a horizontal piece of Christmas wrapping paper below the snowman’s smile to create a scarf.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few winter-inspired ideas for decorating the perfect main entrance. Decorations on the outside of your door will always be at the mercy of snow, wind, and rain. At the same time, you also need to make sure that you are able to take off the decorations later.

You would not want to attach your decorations so securely that they won’t come off once the Christmas season has ended. So, make sure that the ornaments you use for decorations can withstand these weather conditions. All you need is to be a little cautious and your decorations will certainly be worthwhile.