6 Winter Organization Tips to Cure Your Cabin Fever

February 14, 2017

Cabin fever can get the best of anyone, and sometimes the easiest way to keep it in check is through clever organization. Clutter and misplaced items add to your everyday stress, especially if you have children, pets, or other people living in your household. Here are some of our top winter organization tips to help get your clutter under control:

1. Take Photos of Sentimental Items

Do you have a bin, or five or ten, of items that you keep just because of the memories associated with them? Consider taking photos of the items and backing them up to your computer or an online file storage system along with a description of the memories associated with it.

Then, consider whether it is something you actually need or use. If not, then consider selling or donating it. Not only will this clear up a lot of space, but it will better preserve your memories!

2. Color Code Your Family

Giving everyone in your household their own color for commonly used items can help greatly with organization and let you know who the troublemaker is. Toothbrushes, cups, lunch boxes, and more can easily be color-coded. Plus, kids love getting to choose their own color.

3. Recessed Shelving

If you are handy with tools, adding some recessed shelves to a room can be a fun weekend project. Not only will you be able to create more shelf space in your room, but you can also do it without losing any floor space if you are careful about wall selection.

4. Bed Risers or Frames with Storage

Using bed risers, or swapping your current bed frame with one that contains built-in storage, can add 20-50 square feet of additional storage space depending on the size of your bed. Seasonal clothes, sheets, and tons of other household items can be tucked away in the newly found space.

5. Hide Your Cords

All of the miscellaneous cords and plugs from your electronics can be unsightly. When they get tangled up, not only are they a huge source of frustration, but they can be a tripping hazard as well. Hiding your cords behind furniture can help greatly with this issue.

They can easily be run behind couches, bookshelves, desks, and more to keep them out of sight and off of your mind. This is also a good time to examine your cords for damage, check for overloaded outlets, and more. Properly maintaining and managing your cords can help prevent electrical hazards in your home.

6. Go Paperless

One of the biggest sources of clutter in any home is paper. Forms, bills, junk mail, notes, etc. – it piles up easily if you aren’t paying attention to it. To combat this, a good option is to go paperless. Set up a scanner and as important papers come in, scan them to your computer.

Then, simply shred and toss them when you are done or recycle the shredded paper if your town’s waste management can handle it! Be careful to hold onto anything important that you might need for your records later. Now, you can enjoy a home without those frustrating piles of useless paper everywhere.

These winter organization tips will give you something to do when cabin fever raises its head. In fact, organizing things and making sure you have enough space for activities are some of the home ideas for dealing with cabin fever. Plus, the result will be a less cluttered, more relaxed home.