Neighborhood Feature: Country Meadows Estates

April 30, 2015

There is quite a bit of space in Central Pennsylvania, and consequently, quite a few neighborhoods have been built over the past few years to take advantage of that space as well as the influx of families moving into the region. Every other day, it seems, there is a new option for someone looking to buy a home, but every family has its own particular needs and desires. Fortunately, you have high-quality choices like Country Meadows Estates, where all of your needs can be met. Not convinced? Just consider the material and social benefits of living at Country Meadows.

Your Home in Country Meadows

The materials used to build your home at Country Meadows Estates are of the highest caliber; with tough, low-maintenance exterior materials, along with high-quality insulation and plumbing, you needn’t worry that there is an unseen, hidden cost to your home. It will last for decades and require little in the way of maintenance on your part. There is more, however, to a Country Meadows home than solid materials, however.

Your home comes with a digital thermostat, natural gas furnace, central air conditioning, and a 50-gallon natural gas hot water heater. In other words, despite the sometimes temperamental weather of the Central Pennsylvania region, you will always be comfortable in your own home, no matter the season. Your home will include a 10×70 paved driveway, a raked and seeded lot, and a landscaping package that includes a front mulch bed, up to twelve shrubs, and a tree – that’s right, your home will be attractive to everyone who comes by from the word ‘go’. And have no doubt: your home will be ready for you to move in ASAP!

The Area Around Country Meadows

For your family, while they may appreciate the physical comforts your new home can offer, they also need to be tended to in other ways. Specifically, your children need a great education and a school that helps them to become the responsible and successful adults that you know they can be. Fortunately, you’re spoiled for choices at Country Meadows, with both Lampeter-Strasburg and Conestoga Valley school districts both just a stone’s throw away.

Conestoga Valley has a commitment to character education, an investment in educational technology, and some of the finest facilities in the region. Lampeter-Strasburg, aka L-S, is an AP Honor Roll recipient, and one of U.S. News and World Report’s best high schools in both 2013 and 2014. It would be hard to do better than these two schools – or your new home at Country Meadows. Come take a look at the neighborhood today and see what could be yours!