Building an In-Home Sauna

May 5, 2015

You have many options as far as customizing your home for your own comfort and leisure is concerned. There is the potential for putting a pool in, for sports like a basketball or tennis court, for a jungle gym for your children (should you have any), as well as various entertainment options, such as a bar, a home theater, a den, and more. Yet in all the hubbub described here, it’s hard to see many opportunities for just… relaxing. Indeed, we can all-too-easily be distracted by our modern lives and forget to just take some time for quiet, rest, and peace. Fortunately, you also have the option of an in-home sauna, where you can really just be yourself and relax. Building one is simple, but you have many choices to make before you get there!

Your In-Home Sauna’s Details

Most saunas will ideally have a 7-foot ceiling, which creates the perfect conditions for maintaining heat, steam, and air quality. Additionally, you are ideally going to use cedar wood for the interior of the sauna, as it reacts better to humidity. Warping and cracks are, as you can imagine, a concern in a sauna, so the right choice of wood – and treatment for that wood – is absolutely vital. Yet you have other factors to consider as well when planning out your in-home sauna.

Additional Considerations for Your In-Home Sauna

For example, just how big do you want your sauna to be? You can choose to make it a single-person sauna, occupying the smallest possible space, or you could create a sauna space that you and several guests can laze about in. You should also consider what special features you might like to have in your sauna. Some like to have music piped into their sauna, something that can help improve the mood, while others like to use various methods of steam-production, from electronic to good-old-fashioned rocks-and-heat with water.

Regardless of how you decide to build your sauna, the main thing is that you’re considering it! So many people overlook the joys that a sauna can bring into their lives, but here’s a simple fact: it’s important to take some time to just sit and enjoy being alive, here and now. No better way to do so than in a sauna!