The Butler’s Pantry: Your Next Kitchen Addition?

August 19, 2014

The kitchen is the heart of your home, this is a well-known and time-worn fact. When it comes to selling a home, for example, your ability to put that home on the market and sell it at the price that you want to sell it at is strongly affected by that home’s kitchen. The kitchen’s size, design, style, space, and layout are all things that will be taken into account by potential home-owners as they seek to have the best, most beautiful, most idyllic kitchen they can possibly find. Given how important your kitchen is, it comes as no surprise that so much time and money can easily be spent on improving and expanding upon your kitchen in order to make it more appealing to buyers (not to mention, yourself!).

Treat Your Kitchen

So, what can you do to really spice up your kitchen, make it more attractive, and yet also make it more utilitarian, while not reducing its spaciousness? Many are turning to the Butler’s pantry, and you might consider doing so yourself. No, we aren’t recommending that you get yourself a butler; the name is something of a holdover, and these days the addition is also called a “serving pantry.” But, because of how luxurious and interesting it sounds, we’ll continue to use the term “butler pantry”!

A butler pantry is a utility room that is used to store serving items as opposed to food, as you would typically see in most pantries. A pantry, of course, usually stores dry goods and other things that you would need to have access to from your kitchen, but which you wouldn’t typically need on an everyday basis nor would you want these things displayed and out-and-about, cluttering up your kitchen’s aesthetic.

What to Do With a Butler’s Pantry

Traditionally speaking, a butler’s pantry is used to store things like silver, a wine log, and merchant’s account books. In the days when butler’s pantries were aptly named for the butler who did their work there, this is where the silver would be counted, cleaned, and stored, as the silver was considered a highly valuable thing in the home. Of course, today, that isn’t the case in most homes, and nor do we have a servant that would also sleep in the butler’s pantry, as the butler did once upon a time!

In a modern home with a butler’s pantry, you have a space situated between your kitchen and dining room that you can use as a staging ground for serving meals. You can also use its countertops and storage for tableware, serving pieces, linens for the table, candles, wine, and other things that you will commonly require when serving food. It’s a beautiful, useful, out-of-the-way but entirely attractive way to expand your kitchen!