Buying A Custom Home In Pennsylvania

April 22, 2013

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state with many scenic areas, urban development, and small towns. The central and northern areas of the state are great for nature and small-town lovers, the western and eastern areas are home to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, the south-central area has Harrisburg and Lancaster, and there’s plenty in between these main regions.

Pennsylvania is also home to stunning mountain ranges in the western and eastern parts of the state. You have plenty of opportunities for skiing and other winter sports. The spring and fall seasons are temperate, with some of the prettiest foliage you’ve ever seen. The winter sees a lot of snow, so if you’re looking for a winter wonderland you’re going to get it. The summers are warm and sunny, so if you’re into camping and other outdoor activities you have a wide range of parks to enjoy.

Pennsylvania is a great location for custom homes. The regions are very different from each other, so you can determine what areas you’d like to settle down in. You also get to encounter many different cultural backgrounds, particularly the Amish. Many areas in Pennsylvania have land available at good prices, especially in the northern and central areas of the state. You aren’t limited on your options.

Another advantage to Pennsylvania is how close it’s located to big cities such as Washington DC and New York City. It’s a great central location to all of these areas, so if you’re a business traveler you might want to settle down with your custom home here.

Once you’ve decided on a region for your home, you get to figure out the type of home you’d like. You’ll see many different types of houses in Pennsylvania, from townhomes to Victorian style homes. You can have basements in Pennsylvania, so if you’re looking for a full house you have that option. The only natural disasters you’re going to have to worry about outside of blizzards are some flooding if you’re in a flooding risk area and the occasional tornado. No significant earthquakes have been recorded in quite some time in this state.