Canopy Beds: A Luxurious Addition to Your Personal Space

January 9, 2014

Canopy beds bring to mind days of old when kinds and queen had elaborate chambers. Layers of fabric, whether thin or thick, created an impressive ambiance when falling from the ceiling. In modern times, canopies are less common. However, a bedroom with a well-designed canopy is the ultimate sign of decadence. If your bedroom is your sanctuary, why not add your own canopy?

Form and Function

Of course, a canopy serves some functional purposes, too. Layers of fabric can block out sunlight so you can sleep in on weekend mornings, and the drapes on your bed may also muffle sound, allowing you to sleep better. Ties along your bed posts allow you to hold the canopy back, allowing your bed to remain accessible.

You’re not limited to a single style of the canopy, either. Of course, your custom home might include a four-poster bed or one that has a frame for a canopy that makes it easy to install one. Simply drape a thin fabric from head to foot or cover the four sides of your best for total privacy. A cover that drapes ruffles over the side of your frame but not down means that your canopy won’t get in your way. Some choose to wrap fabric around their bed frames for a unique look, and you can simply spread four lengths of light, airy fabric from the center of your bedroom frame with a single piece of fabric draping over each post.

Do it Yourself

You can also drape fabric over wires strung from the ceiling if that’s not an option. If you’re the DIY (Do it yourself)  sort of person, consider making a canopy mount that you install above your headboard. Using a thin layer of fabric, you can tuck your “canopy” behind and around your headboard while leaving most of your bed free. Some companies create small “canopies” on round frames that are similar to this idea and work well for tiny spaces and the kids’ rooms.

The Right Fabric Matters

Fabric doesn’t have to be sheer mesh or lace, either. Consider multiple layers. A thick brocade and a light lace can complement one another stunningly, while opaque fabrics work well for your canopy, too. Whatever you choose, a canopy is the perfect finishing touch for your bedroom.