How to Choose New Flooring

September 18, 2014

Flooring is one of the primary things you notice when you enter a new room or space. Whether it is vinyl, tile, or wood, you take note of the flooring, its consistency, its health, its look, its color, and how all of that matches with the design and look of the rest of the room. If that look is off somehow, then the whole room will be off; after all, flooring stretches from wall to wall, and without the right flooring, that means every single square foot of the room will be just not quite right. Thus, the search for the right kind of flooring is an important one as you design the interior of your home. Here’s how to choose new flooring for your custom home:

The Early Stages of Floor Shopping

The first thing you need to do is decide on your budget for flooring. Get a few samples within your budget range and test them out in your home; see how they look in the intended room. It won’t cost you much to get these samples, and it will save you considerable cost and time in the future by not just buying a whole lot of a flooring that you don’t want to use after all.

If budget is still a concern, you can check into overstock and see if there is a deal to be had there. Discounters buy directly from manufacturers and can get overstocked flooring at a ridiculous price, a saving that is then passed on to you!

Finishing Touches

Make sure that whatever you choose can hold up to the foot traffic of the intended space. If it can’t, you’ll be spending even more replacing that flooring. Once your choice of flooring is settled, however, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting a finished surface, as factory finish lasts longer than the job you could do, and it is more costly (and time-consuming) to hire a professional to do the finish after the fact. No, get it done by the manufacturer and you save yourself tons of trouble! Then you’ll be enjoying your new flooring in no time.