Choosing the Right Kitchen Island Size For Your Kitchen Space

June 5, 2013

Having a brand new kitchen is a great feeling. However, if you want to get a kitchen island, you need to have some advice to avoid selecting the wrong one. Without this information, your dreams may be dashed when you realize your kitchen island in your custom home is taking up to much space for your kitchen to be productive. Here is some advice to help you in selecting the proper kitchen island size for your kitchen.

Purpose of the Island

A great item for you to start to consider in your island is what purpose you will be using this for. In the kitchen, it will have a countertop, but you need to consider if you will have a sink in the island or a stove top. With these being taken into consideration, you can determine how big of an island you need. For example, if you are just using the countertop to have canisters sit on, then you may not need one as large. However, if you are using the cook top, as mentioned, then you need to have enough space to put the cook top in addition to the pots and pans you will be cooking with.

Amount of Cabinet Space

Generally, another big item to consider for your custom kitchen is the number of cabinets you want to have. Normally you would want to have the lower levels of your island for storage space. However, you need to make sure you keep an eye on how much space you want to have. The more cabinets you have, the larger your island has to be. With the larger cabinets and more cabinet space, though, you have more places to store your pots and pans or even food items. So you should consider how many cabinets you need to have in your island.

Location of the Island Inside of the Kitchen

Another aspect which will impact the size of your kitchen island is where it is located inside of your kitchen. You may have never thought about the size being impacted by the location, but it really is. When you have these, they will be restricted on the location. For example, if you are placing these inside of the middle of your kitchen, they can be bigger, but if you are placing it a little bit off to the side on your kitchen as a break, then you may have to get a smaller island.

Having the best looking kitchen around can be easier then what you think. However, with your custom home, you may think about adding in a kitchen island. This is when you should know more about how you can choose the right size of the kitchen island. Without any information on how to select the proper size, you can have trouble in getting these to fit into your home or even worse select an island which does not suit your home at all.