Choosing Your Custom Home Design

July 29, 2013

With so many architectural companies to select and personal architects to plan with, jumping right into your custom home design may seem daunting. The first thing to do is decide on a positive plan with written details about your home design to get you started.

Custom Design from Scratch

This is a custom home plan you choose with getting an architect’s advice and help. To give him an idea of what you want, first select photos from magazine, newspapers, online etc., or take pictures of homes already built.If it means taking a roof off here and a bay window there from different designs then go with that. If you have limited or no artistic ability yourself then this is your best option. Your architect will get your design done much faster with these starters.

Designing from Online House Plan

Many house planning websites offer you the option to custom design plans that are already made. With this system, there are several options to choose from. You can select a ready-made plan close to the design you want and pay a little extra for the company to make the changes. You can purchase a CAD file which allows your architect to make the changes on the plan via computer with the software, or, you can buy what is known as a reproducible house plan that allows you to make changes on the plan itself while still remaining within the copyright law of the house plan website you are purchasing from.

Designing on Your Own

If you have an exceptional artistic ability, you can cut the cost of the architectural fee by drawing your plan. Once you stick to the scale (one foot equaling one inch, centimeter, etc,), everything will be aligned properly. I did this myself with very good results. This will give your architect a precise idea of what you want while cutting the hassle of buying through a company or purchasing a house plan book which you will only use once.