Cleaning Out the Garage: How To Use This Space Practically

August 14, 2013

Whether you have a custom home or have moved into a older home, you may not have thought about how to use your garage space on a more practical basis. If looking for additional storage or a way to organize the mess, consider the following to help you on the way to creating a more usable space when you are cleaning out the garage:

Start with cleaning out the mess

A disorganized garage can make things difficult to find or use, so:

  • Go through everything. If you haven’t used an item in a year or more, consider giving it to a donation center or having a yard sale.
  • For the keep items, start putting like items together. ie. all tools, sports equipment, car cleaning supplies, yard equipment, etc.

Consider what space you can use

Besides the space your car would need to fit into the garage, figure out what space you can use to work and organize.

Consider the best ways to organize

Now that you have everything together and know how much space you have to work with, what kind of organizational things can you use to make your garage practical? The following are some ideas to help:

  • Basic shelves can be purchased to line your garage and organize most large items.
  • Metal bins, peg board or other wall organizers can be attached to the walls and used to organize your tools and/or yard equipment.
  • Need a work space, but don’t have room when the car is in the garage? Consider a table hinged at the wall so it can fold away when you need to pull the car inside.
  • Make use of the overhead space by installing overhead storage. This can hold large items like animal crates or luggage.
  • Wheeled baskets also are great for organizing things you use often, like sports equipment.

So, maybe it’s time to get that garage in shape!