How to Design the Closet Buyers Want

September 9, 2014

These days, more and more people are demanding they have the space and luxury that they see in film and television in their homes. In some cases, this is an impossibility given the budget and constraints placed on the home’s construction or renovation. Not every bedroom in the house can be the equivalent of a master bedroom, for example, yet so any are seeking as much space as possible in every room in the house. Yet while this demand can’t always be met, there are certain ways to make a bedroom feel like it is a master bedroom: a walk-in closet.

A Closet Today

This is high on a list of demands by many would-be homeowners today. When not every bedroom can be a master bedroom or its equivalent, the space can be made to add a walk-in closet to several if not all of the bedrooms in the home. The positioning, shape, and size of a walk-in closet is, after all, easy to manipulate and adapt to whatever you need. Indeed, finding the space in the layout to add one to a bedroom isn’t the problem; it’s what you do with it once you have it that can be an issue!

Yes, while you may want a walk-in closet, actually making efficient use of it is another story entirely. When you have a walk-in closet, you can do any number of things with it, of course. You can treat it simply as a closet, storing clothing and other knick-knacks and whatnot in it, but there is quite a bit more potential to a walk-in. A truly sizeable closet can serve as a dressing room, with a mirror, accessories, and shoes, all allowing you to prepare yourself for the day ahead by dressing to the nines.

Why Else a Closet?

You can also use it for a sizeable amount of storage. The simple fact of the matter is that these days, we have a lot of stuff – more than we need at any given time. A closet the size of a walk-in closet affords each bedroom’s occupant the space and opportunity to store their belongings in a safe, out-of-the-way location. That’s something most people can only dream of, forced as they are to store their things in the basement, the garage, or in a storage shed. None of these are ideal options.

A walk-in closet can serve just about any purpose you want to bend it to – which explains why it has become so popular today. If you’re putting a home on the market, do yourself a favor and ensure that it has at least one of these!