Cold Bathroom? Try Under-Tile Heated Floor Mats

February 13, 2014

Every step in a custom home construction comes with decisions about providing comfort, even when it comes to bathroom flooring. Ceramic tiles can be beautiful but how about those during-the-night bathroom visit and those winter early morning showers? Extra thick bath mats and fuzzy furry slippers can only do so much. A cold bathroom floor is a sad fact of life especially in areas where cold mornings can hang in there for six months.

So, do you give up on the aesthetics of a beautifully tiled bathroom in favor of toasty warm feet? It doesn’t have to be a matter of either/or. You can install under tile heated floor mats.

It’s commonly believed that electric heating is expensive and this is often the case, but not when you heat with extremely energy efficient under-tile mats. They heat radiantly rather than blowing most of the warmth through the exhaust ducts like forced air heating systems do. Nor do they squander expensive energy by heating the ceiling. Under-tile heated flooring mats gently bathe your feet in radiant heat, and because the thermostat can be set lower you’ll also be saving money while your feet enjoy the luxury.

How Do Under-Tile floor Mats Work?

The mats come in mesh rolls of varying widths which make them well suited to heating rectangular-shaped areas common to bathrooms. They consist of the pre-installed heating cable inserted in a serpentine pattern through the mesh. The serpentine pattern of the heating cable ensures that each bathroom tile that comes in contact with your foot will be warm with no need to worry about stepping on a rogue spot of cold.

What About Installation?

Installation is easy. Adhesive backing allows the mat to be laid flat and remain flat, lining the backer boards beneath the tiles. As for the cables, they are usually only 1/8th inch thick so they will not raise the tiles. An armored cold wire lead connects to a 120v thermostat. Using a programmable thermostat can boost energy savings even more.

Spread the Warmth

Radiant heating need not be confined to the bathroom. Heating mats can also be installed under hardwood, stone, and composite wood floors.