To Column or Not to Column

July 31, 2014

Interior design is, in fact, much harder than it looks. Sure, you can select furniture, lighting, flooring, and wallpaper and paint and all sorts of other accessories and easy-to-choose-and-buy-and-place objects, but the actual meat of interior design has far more to do with the remodeling approach that you take to a room – or even your whole house. Indeed, you have to look at what you can do with the materials that you have to work with when it comes to providing a room with its own unique look, structure, and “feng shui,” if you will. As such, you are probably working with drywall – and in that case, why not consider drywall columns as inexpensive, easy-to-add additions to your home’s interior?

DIY Columns

Drywall is incredibly sturdy; sometimes we don’t give credit where credit is due and treat it like it is a very easy-to-bust material, but that is largely only when it is in sheets of drywall and you have to carry it around and carefully stack it, transport it, and attach it to the wall. Once firmly rooted into place, and with a solid backing behind it, drywall can stand up to quite a bit. This makes it ideal for continuing to use drywall as a flourish in your home’s interior design.

You can choose to create your own drywall columns or buy them premade; there are benefits and costs associated with either approach. In the case of making your own drywall columns, you will have to cut the drywall yourself and put the columns together on your own; this alone can prove a major challenge, as cutting drywall cleanly and appropriately can actually be quite difficult. If you’ve ever installed drywall, you know that cutting it to perfect dimensions can sometimes be frustrating hard to do.

Premade Columns

On the other hand, purchasing a pre-made drywall column means that you have a material that matches what your home’s interior is made of, while avoiding the dust and other mess that often comes with working with drywall in your home. (The cleanup is murder!) You also can have “fancier,” more complex and interesting designs for your columns than the ones that you are capable of producing; this allows for you to have some truly exquisite columns in your home.

The downside to this approach, of course, is that it can be more expensive than simply making your own columns. Additionally, not all premade columns are right for your home or a particular room, making finding the right column a matter of settling. Yet when you have the right columns in a room – wow, will you know it!