How to Combat Winter Drafts

December 18, 2014

As high as you turn your heat up this winter, you could very easily still be dealing with cold drafts running through your home and causing you to have to bundle up, big time, in your own house. Your energy bill will subsequently be quite high, but why should you have to put up with that? With a few quick fixes, you could easily lower your energy bill and be more comfortable in your own home. The key is to take the time to find out just what is causing the draft, and then shut it down at its sources. Unfortunately, there are many potential causes for winter drafts.

The Wood Fireplace

You thought you could trust your wood fireplace to actually keep your home warm and toasty, but nay — it is a betrayer! The wood fireplace can all too easily let warm air escape through an open chimney. You’ll want an airtight door on the intake in order to prevent air from moving too easily between your home and the outside world. Heat will be pulled out of your house constantly if you don’t have a truly airtight door on it!

The Windows

Your windows are also things that your home is supposed to use to keep warm air in, but which all too often are the sources of drafts. Most windows are not designed to be absolutely airtight, so you already have a problem there. Additionally, the glass they’re made out of allows for heat transference very easily. To combat this, you can inexpensively acquire quilted curtains, or curtains specially designed to insulate your home, to better control your home’s temperature.

The Basement

It’s very easy to forget that your basement can be the source of an “air leak” as well. Yes, heat rises, but that doesn’t mean that cold air can’t find a way into your home from below either. Make sure that you seal up any and all sill plates and rim joists that are poorly insulated or leaky, along with anywhere else that your foundation may be letting cold air in.