Craziest Homes From Around the World

June 1, 2017

We know custom homes, but sometimes people come up with the wildest and craziest home ideas on their own. Here is a list of some of our favorite custom homes from around the world, including some that turn the entire concept of a house on its head!

Boeing 727-200 house in Hillsboro, Oregon

The Boeing 727-200 house is definitely a crazy home. This home caters to aviation fans, fitting an entire home into a decommissioned military aircraft. While the build itself cost nearly $330,000 (with $100,00 just for the purchase of the plane) back in 1999, its builder Bruce Campbell says that it has a number of benefits over a traditional home being “highly fire resistant and provides superior security?” Campbell discusses the project in detail on his website, so if you’ve ever dreamed of living in an airplane, you can! 

Star Trek Voyage house in Hinckley, Leicestershire

This Star Trek Voyage house was built by Star Trek superfan Tony Alleyne to replicate the interior of the Star Trek Voyager spaceship from the well known Sci-fi TV series. Fans can live long and prosper in this flat that comes complete with a vast array of LED lighting and plenty of video and audio effects to complete the experience. The property was put on the market recently for around $100,000, putting it in the price range of most die-hard fans.

Upside Down House in Trassenheide, Germany

Built as a tourist attraction in 2008, this home literally turns the concept of a house upside down. The Upside Down House was commissioned by the town from Polish architects Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastaian Mikiciuk for a project titled “The World Upside Down”. The project makes everyday objects available to visitors from different perspectives, including the entire contents of the house, which is fully furnished upside down.