3 Custom Home Buying Tips

February 1, 2013

Searching for a new custom home can be one of the most exciting and scary adventures you’ll ever have. If this is your first time through the process, you’ll want to work with experienced pros such as Custom Home Group, because you’ll be amazed at the number of details and decisions you have to make. Here are a few tips to get you started planning your new home:

Check your builder’s reputation and financial status.

You should ensure that your builder has a track record of on-time delivery and quality building. You may love a neighborhood or a floor plan, but you won’t be happy if you move in and find that the builder cut corners on quality.

Custom Home Group has a proven track record and a sterling reputation for quality.

Read all the HOA (Homeowner’s Association) documents thoroughly and make sure you understand it completely.

HOA documents are boring – there’s little question about that – but you shouldn’t rely on a real estate agent’s or even your lawyer’s summary of the terms. Neither one of those parties will be living in the community, but you will. Make sure you understand all the clauses so that there will be no surprises later on.

Understand the differences between the model home and the base home.

Model homes are sometimes crammed with every goody you can think of. Be careful when you compare prices between communities to make sure that you are looking at prices for homes that include similar quality levels and amenities. Price out the homes you’re considering with the options you want, and make sure you leave room in your budget for contingencies.

When you finally settle on the home and the options you really want, try to stick to your list as construction progresses. Making changes once building is underway can be costly. It pays to plan ahead and work closely with your builder throughout the process.