Custom Home Designers Aren’t Just Guys With Hammers

March 20, 2013

Let’s face it. There are websites all over the internet where you can look at floor plans and home designs until you’re drowning in concepts. There are home builders out there who build hundreds, if not thousands of homes every year based on a standard block of designs and plans. Having a custom home built means working with more than a contractor with a house full of construction workers. It means working with custom home designers who are experts.

You can go to the bookstores in your local mall and buy tomes filled with design plan after design plan. The problem with that is all of those designs, whether from a book, a magazine, from an internet site or a stock plan selection, they all have one thing in common. They’re not custom. A custom design is a design you come up with either on your own or with the help of a designer who understands what you want your home to be.

A “custom home” isn’t simply picking out a floor plan then picking your own carpet, paint and bathroom fixtures. It’s a truly custom plan with your needs and your desires taken into account. A true custom home designer will work with you, with engineers and architects to create a truly custom home that not only includes all of the styling cues you want but all of the design nuances you hope for.

Picking a home from a batch of standard designs not only limits your choices but the choices you’re limited to are the same choices everyone else chooses from.Working with a designer who understands your aesthetic ideals and values as well as taking into account the functional needs you want from your home office, your kitchen, your living areas and even your master bath will enable you to design the custom home of your dreams.

There’s a lot more to designing a custom home than picking options off of a list like you do when buying a new car. A good custom home designer understands this as a matter of course. If you just want a house with customization, you can settle for any designer. For a house that’s truly a custom designed home, you want a true custom home designer.