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Daylight Savings Time

by Kuhrich on Thursday, March 3, 2016

It’s that time of year again. When we turn our clocks forward we may grumble through the seemingly early morning but before you know it we will be able to enjoy the sun well into the evening. Daylight Savings is always the Second Sunday in March and all clocks, watches, and devices that are not connected to the Internet must be set one hour forward. Many people do this small ritual the night before while others forget and race around the next morning. To be sure you wake up at the correct time and do so stress free, set your clocks the night before. I usually do so right before bed while others set reminders to make sure they set their clocks at a time more convenient for them.


Clocks are set forward by one hour except in Hawaii and most of Arizona. This is because they are aligned on the earth’s surface in such a way that our measurement of time does not need to change. Other countries and regions may need to accommodate to a more, unique, time change. Some countries such as Japan and parts of China are a complete day ahead of us, for example.


The origin of daylight savings time was created in a part of the world that dealt with such extreme time constraints. In a small part of Ontario, Canada called Thunder Bay citizens wanted to make better use out of time and they large amounts of daylight they had during the summer. During July, 1908 the people of Thunder Bay noticed the days started later but lasted longer in the warmer months. DST or daylight savings time was made to help those in the town get the most sunshine out of their day. After that it was adopted in Germany, then throughout the world and now is recognized through a bill in our government.


The modern world is not the first to use such an idea, however. Early civilizations used this time recognition for similar reasons. One example is the use of water clocks in ancient Rome. During this time they would change scales depending on the season much like turning clocks forward or back. Now we use more sophisticated measurements of time but still require this practice. So before you snuggle into your couch or make the cup of tea before bed, be sure to set your clocks and start tomorrow off right!


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