4 Home Ideas for Dealing with Cabin Fever

December 22, 2016

Cabin fever is an all too real issue when your family members. Here are a few ideas to find a home within your home so you can have some space, time, and (most importantly) silence to yourself.

Spa-Like Bathroom

Having an updated spa-like bathroom can be the perfect stress reliever while the relatives run wild in your kitchen and watch It’s A Wonderful Life for like, the seventh time. Few things are as relaxing as a rejuvenating bubble bath in a soak tub or sauna in your master bathroom. Before Thanksgiving brings everyone into your home consider updating your master bathroom’s amenities so you can escape to a perfect and quiet oasis. This can be a complete overhaul or small changes. While you can create a new and beautiful bathroom with a new tub, shower, sink, or floor you can also bring a surprising amount of luxury with new towels, fixtures, or even soap. Before contacting a contractor be sure to go over every bit of your bathroom and the changes you want to make.

Reading Nook

Reading nooks can be the perfect escape for any bookworm. These nooks can be elaborate or adorably simple. If you want to create your own book nook before your family comes you need to find out exactly what you want. If you need to do some construction plan it out and create a checklist. From there you should contact a contractor and explain the plan to them. From there they can create a beautiful nook that will be a wonderful escape. If you are looking for a simpler nook you may only need a cozy blanket, a comfortable chair, a nice lamp, and maybe a cup of tea.

Warm and Cozy Bedroom

Before you have your guest rooms filled to capacity be sure to invest in new sheets for your guest rooms as well as your own bed. Then you may want to consider redecorating your own bedroom to make it warm, cozy, and comfortable for you and your spouse. This may be a simple redecoration with draperies, sheets, and possibly new candles and potpourris. If that doesn’t fit the bill, however, you may need a fresh coat of paint or new molding to set a cozy and comfortable tone.

Green Oasis

Need something completely different? Try filling your sunroom or patio with greenery. This may be the perfect place to take stock and enjoy the quiet while your family argues over Monopoly for the third time this visit.