Designing the Perfect “Man Cave”

August 12, 2013

When it comes to designing the perfect “man cave” it really doesn’t take much. Having a room with a pool table and a big screen TV (52″ or larger) will work. A wet bar also won’t hurt. And a wife who doesn’t mind serving more than drinks isn’t bad either. So what does it take to make the perfect man-cave? A place where the boys can get together to watch the big game or the huge race and you’re good to go.

Granted, having an extra room in the basement to build this man-cave doesn’t hurt. And having a wife who wants to serve helps too. Whether you’re looking for the perfect game room, the best place to watch a football game or a race or the room to have friends over to visit, your man-cave needs to be comfortable and ready to provide. What does it need to provide? Everything. Drinks, Munchies. A place to sit, Sexuality; Everything.

OK, so maybe your wife isn’t ready to be the ultimate cheerleader. But that doesn’t mean your man-cave isn’t ready to be the local Hooters for your next party, Having a great TV and an excellent bar means you’re ready to give a great party and that your man-cave, decorated with all the great football stuff and even with Dale Earnhardt’s race stuff is ready to be the best place to relax and watch a sporting event may not be the ultimate place to be, but it may be the ultimate place to have fun;

TV, bar, couches, EZ chairs. ESPN. Peace. Quiet. Bunnies. What more could you ask for? When it comes to the ultimate game room, not much. Even Pam Anderson or Meredith Viera couldn’t make things more perfect. When making a great game room, don’t look at second best.