Designing Your Custom Master Bedroom Can Be A Dream

March 18, 2013

Unfortunately, the master bedroom is often seen as a place to sleep and a place to store your clothes. For some, however, the bedroom, especially the master bedroom is seen as a place to relax, to enjoy spending private time with your spouse and enjoying a quiet segment of life. And yet, it is still a place to sleep and store your clothes. That means when designing your custom master bedroom, those two functions will be the main design features of the room.

The key to getting the most out of your master bedroom design is to decide how you plan to store most of your clothing. Will separate closets work best? In closet drawers and shelving? Or will much of your storage be in chests of drawers and bureaus? Once that has been decided, then the rest of the room can be designed with as much or as little function as you want.

Is the master bath to be a room off the master bedroom or in a different area of the house? Will you want space in the bedroom for a treadmill or other exercise equipment? How about bookshelves, storage for private files and papers? Do you spend enough time in the bedroom where you would want a television and a small home entertainment system? It’s your dream bedroom so the limits are your desires and your budget.

Fortunately, with wireless internet connectivity, wireless DVR, cable and satellite connectivity and the ease of placement for electrical outlets during the construction process, being able to have everything you want in your master bedroom is easy. All that’s left is to pick the carpet, the wall colors and covering and the drapes and you’re in great shape design-wise.

Designing your own custom master bedroom may have certain limitations since the two main functions are so obvious. As to the other activities you may want to include, whether reading your Kindle in bed, watching late night TV in bed or even as the focal point of your exercise regime, making the master bedroom into your bedroom is the reason you want it to be custom. A cracker box bedroom is just that. You want your master bedroom to be just that. Yours.