Designing Your Guest Bathrooms

April 5, 2013
When it comes to decorating and designing your home, guest bathrooms are of the utmost importance. They make a statement about the kind of treatment you want to provide your guests with. They look at things like how clean the restroom is, the size of it, and the general condition of the facility. These, of course, are all things that you can and will control, but you can also control the overall design of your guest bathroom should you choose to.

Choosing a Design

You can choose the design of your bathroom by deciding whether or not you want a shower that is separate from the bathtub. Do you even want a bathtub in the guest bathroom at all? The answer to that question might depend upon the type of guests that stay in your home. For instance, a man might not take notice of whether there is a bathtub or not, but women tend to find the appeal of a bathtub relaxing. Also, consider whether your guests are immediate family members or people you need to impress with luxury.
Second, consider how far you want to go in impressing your guests, meaning how much customization work do you want to do for your guest bathroom. Do you want the toilet in a different part of the bathroom space, with a door to separate it from the rest of the bathroom? Do you want his and her sinks or just one? Also, consider what kind of flooring you want to have in the guest bathroom.

Decorating your Guest Bathroom

Decorating a guest bathroom can be a tricky thing. You want to show off your individual style, while at the same time impressing your guests unless maybe they are immediate family members that do not care much whether or not your towels are color coordinated with the walls and your bath mats.
However, if your guests do care about such things, you can potentially custom design you bathroom further by choosing nontraditional colors for your sink, bathtub, and toilet. Keep in mind, nontraditional colors do cost more because they are often custom made. But, if you want something unique to present your guests with, this may be the route you should take. Perhaps then you can have a vibrant colored bathroom set apart from others while still saving money by using plain white paint for the walls.

Your Style

Whatever you choose for your guest bathroom designs, remember to stay true to your own style and budget. After all, you can have the most luxurious bathroom layout in the world, but if you do not make your guests feel like they are welcome it will not matter. The true key is to provide your guests with the niceties like soap and shampoo they need. Make them feel like you have a luxury bathroom even if you do not.