5 Fresh Bathroom Fixtures to Dress up Your Bathroom

January 23, 2014

Between rushing to get ready for work, soaking in a hot bath and taking a long, steamy shower, you spend a great deal of time in your bathroom. There’s no reason to spend all that time in a bland, dull room. Whether you are sprucing up an outdated bathroom or designing your custom home, adding in the latest trends in bathroom fixtures can create a luxurious retreat, reminiscent of a beautifully appointed spa.

Hands-Free Faucets

You’ve used the low-end version of these in public spaces for years, but now, convenient hands-free faucets are popping up in high-end home bathrooms. Not only do these motion-activated fixtures save water, they also cut down on counter clutter. Because there is no need for additional knobs, hands-free faucets cut a clean, modern profile.

Rain Showers

Rain showers turn your morning scrub into a relaxing, soothing experience. Rather than being mounted on the shower wall like traditional shower heads, rain showers are mounted to the ceiling to create the sensation of stepping out into a summer shower or ducking under a waterfall. There’s no need to dance around, trying to rinse under a small stream; oversized rain showers are generally larger than eight inches in diameter and will cover you, shoulder to shoulder, in gracefully falling water.

Body Sprayers

Why should the top of your head get all the attention in the shower? Body sprayers turn a basic shower into a full-body experience. These fixtures are integrated into the shower wall and spray water straight out. The result is a full body water massage that is sure to wake you up even on the groggiest of mornings. Combine these with a rain shower or a hand-held sprayer for the ultimate luxury shower.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are modern art for your countertop. These decorative bowl sinks rest on top of the counter and are available in a variety of elegant and modern finishes. Whether you choose a beautiful metal, stone, ceramic or glass version, vessel sinks are easy to remove and replace as your taste and style changes.

Undermount Sinks

The exact opposite of vessel sinks; under-mount sinks are installed under the counter top and add a sleek, modern look to any bathroom. Undermount sinks work best with solid surface counters, such as granite or stone. These striking sinks are also easy to clean, so they will look beautiful for years to come.