6 Tips for More Effective Kitchen Cabinet Storage

July 14, 2017

If you own a small kitchen, you might find yourself troubled. Small kitchens are considered a novelty because they are quaint and cute. They give your home a picturesque, almost fairytale-like quality. Unfortunately, a small kitchen also means very little storage space. Where are you to hold all your food, spices, and ingredients? There are several ways that you can resolve this problem. Here are a few solutions to get you started:

Get Creative When Adding Cabinets

You can never have enough cabinets. These storage spaces can fit almost anywhere. Whether they be below your tables, or above your cooking salon, they can be easily fitted. They can also serve as eye candy if they are well-decorated. Don’t be afraid to bring in a portable ladder, or step stool, into your kitchen to be able to use higher spaces for rarer ingredients, or treats that you don’t need frequently.

Add More Shelves to Your Walls

This an easy process that will create more space for you to hold your various kitchen utensils such as pots and pans. Similarly, you can create racks for holding spices. These also make spices clearly visible and easy to find as opposed to keeping them in a cabinet.

Use Hooks to Save Space

Long hooks of any sturdy material, whether they be wooden or metal, can be used to hang anything with a handle. Mugs, cups, utensils; these can all be hung to save space.

Baskets and Bins Increase Storage Capacity

Baskets or handy bins can serve as makeshift cabinets if you don’t want all the fuss of renovations. They are particularly good for storing cutting boards or spices if you do not have a spice rack.

Pull-Out Pantries Maximize Available Space

Pull-out pantries give you all the conveniences of a regular pantry without taking up as much space. They function similarly to cabinets, but slide out of the walls. The beauty of these is that they can be as big as the walls of your home allow. Imagine the surprise on your guests faces when you pull out a pantry from seemingly nowhere, and show them all the snacks to serve up!

Container Systems Keep Things Organized

Create a container system. Keeping things organized is the most efficient way to make use of a small space. Using containers to organize where everything goes, whether it be utensils or food, will make everything much easier to maintain. A cluttered and disorganized mess is the easiest way to feel overwhelmed, and quickly lose your ability to properly keep a cozy kitchen.

Remember to always think in all directions. It’s not just your floors that you have to work with but also your walls and the space above. This is a sure-fire way to get creative, and come up with new storage ideas.