7 February Home Maintenance Tips

January 31, 2017

Home maintenance is important to keep your home from feeling cluttered and stale. Here are a few February home maintenance tips you can use to clean up and declutter your home so your spring cleaning will not be as daunting:

Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

For your safety and security, you should regularly check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. In doing so, you can have peace of mind throughout the rest of the season and you can check this item off your to-do list well before your spring cleaning.

Rotate and Flip Mattress

Rotating and flipping your mattress may make your mattress feel like new. During this, you can also clean and vacuum your mattress. This may actually lengthen the life of your mattress and give you a better night’s sleep.

Dust Walls, Wall Hangings, and Fan Blades

While you may hate this chore, it is always good to dust around your house. You will be amazed by the difference in how it looks and how the air feels. If you want to freshen your home even more, add a dehumidifier or essential oil diffuser.

Shred Unnecessary Paperwork

While you should hold on to the necessary paperwork, unnecessary paperwork like junk mail, newsletters, and unfortunate recipes should meet the shredder. This will keep your home from getting more and more cluttered and will help you find some important stuff hidden among the piles. Just be sure to open all your mail and double check official-looking papers before shredding.

Review Your Home Budget

This may make you cringe but reviewing your home budget will help you trim where possible and add expenses if needed. This will help you gain perspective about where your money goes and what you would rather do with it. You never know, you could find hidden spare funds for investment!

Start a Donation Box

A donation box is a great way to clear out old clothing, kitchenware, and furniture. While you may not see the clutter originally, you will seriously appreciate the extra space and opportunity after clearing it out.

Plan Your Garden

If you have a green thumb, or want to, winter is a wonderful time to plan your garden. A garden is a wonderful way to brighten your day and to keep your landscape beautiful all year. If you want to make plans, start working on paper and then convert to the computer if necessary. You may also want to wait to buy seeds, plants, and other accouterments. This way, nothing will wilt or die while you’re waiting for spring.

These are just a few home maintenance tips for February. For tips to use year-round, take a look at this basic home cleaning & maintenance guide.