Fire Pit Options and S’mores Recipes

June 13, 2017

A fire pit is an excellent option for spending some quiet time with friends and families socializing. On a calm night, you can sit around the warm fire, giving off a soothing ambiance as the sounds of crackling fire and chirps fill the darkening sky, everything around you illuminated by a warm glow as you are surrounded by good company. Fire pits are a quaint option to bring people over to socialize for the summer, and below are different methods of creating one, along with some recipes for s’mores.

Wood Burning Fire Pits

The first and most common are wood burning fire pits. These are very similar to your regular campfire and can easily be set up in your backyard. They require very careful maintenance, however, and you should be certain to take all the proper steps needed to avoid the spread of fire. These can be built either using a wood-burning grill, which will allow for many different kinds of cooking and grilling for an assortment of foods, an outdoor fireplace which can be bought as either a portable one, a built-in design, or if you follow proper procedure can be dug out for a temporary one. The other option is also a DIY possibility, and that is a brick or stone fire pit.

Propane Fire Pits

Propane fire pits are more convenient, easier to manage, but more expensive. Propane fire pits can be larger as they are easier to maintain, and can be more decorative. Instead of just a regular pit, you can have something like a copper bowl, which is a common but aesthetic option—if quite expensive.. A fire table is somewhat less so and more unique, and are convenient as they have space where you can rest your drink or food. Food cooked over a propane fire as opposed to a wooden one, may not taste quite as good.

S’Mores Recipes

There are many more methods of having fire pits, both creating one yourself and buying one, but what’s a good campfire gathering without the tradition of s’mores? Here are some ways of making them.

  • There is the classic – regular graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows melted together in a creamy and crunchy sandwich.
  • Add some Oreos in between to get the sweetness of a different flavor, or if you are a fan, some Nutella.
  • After partially melting them, try adding a favorite syrup of yours such as chocolate, caramel, or vanilla.
  • Instead of graham crackers, use your favorite kind of cookie like chocolate chip, peanut butter, or cinnamon.