Adding Atmosphere and Fun with Fire Pits

September 13, 2016

Everyone remembers camp and bonfires fondly. They remind us of cool nights in autumn, warmer nights at the beach, or your favorite camping trip with your Scout troop. Campfires are wonderful for bringing everyone together. Now you can have those same fantastic experiences right in your backyard. Fire pits are safe, beautiful, and entertaining spaces that can look great in your backyard and serve a purpose. You can always make your own or have a contractor build one. With fire pits, there is plenty of room for creativity and ideas.

Economical or Elaborate

As mentioned above you can always make your own or hire a contractor. Both ways are perfectly fine and each has its own benefits. Making your own can be inexpensive and relatively quick to set up. You will want some sand, gravel, a metal water tub, and garden stones. You first put down the sand, then the tub, fill the tub with gravel and then place stones around the tub so no one will get burned. From there you simply fill your new pit with wood and stock up on the marshmallows.

There are other benefits to having a contractor come out and build a fire pit, however. With a contractor, they will be able to lay down a foundation for seating and create a sturdy and interesting fire pit. This will make your fire pit even more interesting and relaxing. It may also add value to the home. If you plan to ever sell, having a contractor build the fire pit can add a lot of value and interest to your home.

For Entertaining and for Contemplation

Fire pits are wonderful for a cookout, a birthday party or just curling up to read a book after dinner. One of the best things about fire pits is that they can be used whenever and if there is 12 people there or two. Just be sure to always have someone else in the home with you when you start the fire pit. That way if you need assistance for any reason, someone will be right there. Fire pits are a safer alternative to campfires because they are more easily contained but can be dangerous if you do not pay attention or are unable to control the flames.

Can Be Used Year Round

Fire pits, while used most in the warmer months, can be used year round. They are wonderful to use in the fall while you sip hot cocoa or even in the winter after a long day of sledding. Don’t be afraid your fire pit on the chillier or even snowier days. Before you know it the fire will make you feel warm and toasty and you’ll almost forget it’s January – almost.