Are Fluorescent Lights Unpopular?

January 6, 2015

Fluorescent lights are practically a symbol of modern urban life. They’re cheap, they last a long time, and they effectively illuminate whatever space they’re put in to an extreme degree, while not producing a harsh light that is hard on the eyes. From that description alone, you’d think that fluorescent lights are the greatest development in lighting since the light bulb itself was invented, yet there are more complicating factors. Specifically, fluorescent lights just aren’t really in style anymore, thanks to how unpleasant the light they produce can be.

Artificial Light can be Harsh

We’re human beings, and we developed in a natural environment of sunlight and dark nights, so when you mess with that formula you are risking some negative side effects. You know that your environment has a strong impact on your motivation, your energy, and your ability to focus. Light and warmth do a lot for all of those factors, and natural light does the best. Artificial light looks quite unattractive to most people, which is why fluorescent lights have fallen on such hard times as far as their popularity is concerned.

How to Fix the Problem

Natural light, of course, is what you would prefer, but since the sun isn’t always up and you aren’t always outside, you have to settle for artificial lights that still mimic natural sunlight as best as possible while not robbing you of maximum light saturation so that you can see and function optimally. Yet with light bulbs of yore increasingly being switched out for energy-efficient light bulbs that more often than not are very similar to traditional fluorescent lights, you may be running out of options.

Sometimes the best way to get the kind of lighting that you want is to use the right kind of lighting fixtures. Recessed lighting can help a fluorescent light bulb to cast shadows and not fill up a space entirely; this can reduce the “over-exposure” that you typically see with fluorescent lights. Alternatively, lamp shades can transform fluorescent light into something a bit closer to natural sunlight, which is, again, ultimately what you’re looking for. You want to feel comfortable, warm, productive, and focused, not like you’re in the break room at a Burger King; you can make that happen with the right lighting choices.