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Freedom Rail

by Kuhrich on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Big and Small

Organizing your closet, pantry, or linen closet can become easier when using freedom rail. Freedom rails are customizable and movable so you can create the perfect spot for all your belongings. This is fantastic for homes big or small because it can create more space in your house without creating bulk or hastily shoving winter clothes or pots and pans into a closet and hoping for the best.

If you think freedom rails are for you be sure to take precise measurements of your space before purchasing. This will help you be able to do the job correctly and you will only have to do it once.

DIY Addition

You don’t have to feel as though your creativity must stop with freedom rails, however. When reorganizing your closet or storage space you can work with plenty of different mediums to make the space perfect for your stuff and your artistic eye.

You can always create a hanging clothes rack with a sturdy pole (you can always use a PVC pipe), paint, hooks, and very tough rope. I like to paint the pipe with a nice complementary color to the room and then string the rope through the pipe. While the pipe is drying, install the hooks into the ceiling. Then you can hang the pole on the hooks and put your hangers full of clothes onto your new rack.

If you’re looking for something a little different you can always use a pegboard. These are perfect because they can hold delicate pieces or massive baskets, which are perfect for socks, t-shirts, and whatever else you can think of. You can even spray paint your pegboard to match your freedom rails or other pieces in your room. Making everything flow together will make it feel even more spacious.

Not Just For Closets

Freedom rails are wonderful for any part of your home. One of the best places to use freedom rails is in your living room. This is the room where you will spend a large amount of your time. It is best to keep it neat and calm throughout the day. Using freedom rails strategically will help keep everything out of the way without being out of reach. Freedom rails and a bit of fabric can hide your little one’s toys or your own sewing projects while still having space on top of the shelving. You can also keep your pooch’s or kitty’s bed out of the way while still giving them plenty of space and comfort. For a small pet you can simply put the bed on top while if you have a larger pet you may want to use curtains to keep their bed secluded.




+Ken Uhrich is lead Estimator and Purchaser at Custom Home Group, a Design/Build company, located in Lancaster County, PA. You can follow Ken on Twitter: @kuhrich Or visit his company website: www.customhomegroup.com