3 Benefits of Radiant Heated Bathroom Floors

September 18, 2017

No matter how much you like the cold, at the end of the day, everyone likes to return to a warm and cozy home. There are several options for keeping your home properly heated, from traditional fireplaces to smart-home baseboards.

One advanced technique, in particular, is underfloor, or radiant, heating. A nice bonus of this system is that you can install it solely in certain rooms, either for purposes of design or to switch entirely to this system in increments. One room we definitely suggest it for is the bathroom.

More Comfortable for Bare Feet

One of the reasons this system is particularly effective in the bathroom is the location itself. The bathroom is the one room where most people walk barefoot. Having the heat begin from the ground and rise up keeps us from having to walk on cold floors. In general, your bathroom will become a much more comfortable space. Especially with the extra room from keeping all the inner workings underground.

Reduces Allergens and Dust in the Air

Systems that require ventilation have the drawback of whipping up a lot of particles.These can be hazardous to anyone with a breathing condition. In a bathroom, it also contributes to making you dirty after you just got clean.

Radiant Heating is Efficient

Initial installation may be a bit expensive, but in time it will pay for itself. Radiant heating saves money due to its effectiveness. Other systems require more time and energy than underfloor heating to warm up a room. When the heat rises from the ground up, it is distributed evenly throughout the entire room—the more quickly this happens, the less you expend on electric bills.

There is a lot to be gained by heating your bathroom floors! The greatest thing, of course, is making your washroom a place of relaxation and cleanliness. There are two prominent radiant heating systems to pick from: electric and water based. Both have their pros and cons, but doubtless, you’ll pick the perfect one to make your bathroom feel like a spa.