How to Grow an Herb Garden

March 5, 2015

So you want to grow an herb garden, and why shouldn’t you? The greens that herb plants create are great decoration for any home’s lawn or garden, while the herbs themselves are incredibly useful. Any number of dishes are vastly improved by the addition of the right herbs – and infinitely more so if those herbs are fresh! To ensure absolute freshness, you can always trust in your herb garden. Of course, growing your herb garden is more than just a matter of putting a few plants in the soil and letting them do what comes natural to them; it involves making smart decisions for your garden and attending to its needs.

Prep Your Herb Garden

You’ll want good, rich, fertile soil for planting if possible, but that isn’t always an advantage that you will have access to. Fortunately, herbs tend to be hardy plants are capable of not only surviving but flourishing in many types of soil of varying degrees of richness and fertility. Having determined what patch of ground – and what kind of soil – you’ll be using, you’ll want to select the herbs that you will be growing in your garden. Will these be your typical bouquet of herbs, from parsley to basil and so on? Or do you want a specific suite of herbs that are appropriate for a certain kind of cooking, such as Thai or Italian food? The decision is yours!

Tips for a Successful Herb Garden

You can improve your soil’s quality for growing your herbs by adding various different materials to that soil. From additional worms and night crawlers to egg shells and other “compost” materials, your soil will benefit from taking extra care of it, and subsequently, so will your herb plants. Be certain to investigate just how much sun your herb plants will want; there is such a thing as too much sun for some herbs, while for others, you may not be providing enough. Your herb garden’s location should get it just right for your selection of herbs.

That said, herbs are actually rather easy to garden compared to flowers or vegetables; it’s a breeze, in fact, and very rewarding throughout the year as you harvest and use your herbs!