What Garden Should You be Planting This Season?

March 3, 2015

What kind of gardens should you be planting for the coming seasons? Sure, it’s cold out now, but soon it will be planting season, and that means the moment of truth is here: will you plant an herb, vegetable, or flower garden, or a combination? Each one requires different kinds of effort and activities on your part, but ultimately, it’s a matter of taste and what you want out of your planting and gardening experience. With that in mind, it may help you to make your decision by considering what is involved in each type.

Herb Garden

Herb gardens are a great “all-seasons” choice, as herbs can, once picked, be preserved and used throughout the colder parts of the year, meaning that once everything has grown then you’re no longer planting or harvesting herbs, you can still be enjoying the fruits of your labor, so to speak. They also have quite a bit of variety: you can have a wide variety of tastes thanks to growing herbs, tastes that make all kinds of cuisine possible.

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardens offer something that you can literally eat, and that is valuable in and of itself. Whole meals can be made out straight out of your own backyard, whereas with an herb or flower garden, you can’t really make a meal out of the result. Vegetable gardening can be very rewarding in that you get to see your work truly ripen and come into its own, and then partake of it.

Flower Garden

Flower gardens have the advantage of being incredibly beautiful, visually speaking. Your vegetable or herb garden is largely just vines, leaves, sprouts, and then hidden fruits that are dirty and not very seemly, more often than not. Flowers, on the other hand, are made to be beautiful, and so can make your entire lawn very beautiful. Your flower garden can be incredibly transformational for your entire home in ways that a vegetable or herb garden just can’t be.